Birst Grows Its Campaign Results 30% Faster With Mintigo


“With Mintigo…we’ll only get better at sending campaigns that better and more effectively target our prospects.”

– Wynn White, VP of Marketing at Birst

Wynn White, VP of Marketing at Birst

As the VP of Marketing for a fast-growing tech company, Wynn White has a lot of hungry sales reps to feed. Like his peers in other tech companies, Wynn relies on Marketo’s marketing automation system to nurture leads from multiple sources. But in early 2013, emails response rates were frustratingly low, so Wynn went looking for a better way to engage his potential market.

Wynn’s company Birst is the “only enterprise-caliber Business Intelligence platform born in the cloud.” Their platform helps business users pull insights from all the disparate data in the modern enterprise. To take that message to prospects, the Birst marketing team uses Marketo and content assets like case studies and analyst research. Prior to Mintigo, Birst’s prospect segmentation was rudimentary and there were limited customizations to offers that prospects received.

To better engage prospects, Birst decided to turn to Mintigo’s Predictive Marketing Platform. Mintigo is the only system that continuously monitors a company’s CustomerDNATM to look for buying signals. By collecting rich data about companies from the Web and social networks, the Mintigo platform discovers how to engage your best prospects today.

Mintigo began to monitor for buying signals found Birst’s CustomerDNA. It identified a total of 80,000 qualified prospects, and it continues to search daily as prospects. As Birst went about its normal programs of acquiring and nurturing leads, Mintigo’s platform worked in the background to improve campaign yield. Mintigo scored leads to indicate who should and should not be nurtured. Moreover, it identified previously hidden segments that were especially responsive to the Birst message.

Over the course of several months, the Mintigo platform learned which prospects would respond to which campaigns, enabling a dramatic increase in engagement. At time of writing, the click-through rate for campaigns using Mintigo was 6X higher than those from a purchased list used as a comparative “control” group. Other results from Mintigo include getting 53% more clicks per respondent and a 30% boost in overall qualified leads.

Birst Improved CTR by 567% With Mintigo
Birst Improved Customer Engagement by 53% With Mintigo


Says Wynn White, “The Mintigo platform works great to track our potential market. It has shown insights that are not intuitive and would have been very difficult for us to have figured out on our own, but the 30% improvement in campaign results is what really stands out.”

With each passing campaign, Mintigo revealed more detail about how to engage Birst’s leads:

  • Campaigns had a 32% lift in click-through when sent to companies using a Marketing Automation Platform such as Marketo or Eloqua. The effect was even stronger for companies using HubSpot. Mintigo detected HubSpot at a whopping 14% of Birst customers, and the open-to-click rate for HubSpot users was an amazing 60%. This makes sense because Birst can run reports on data in these apps.
  • Campaigns worked well when targeted at the installed base of competitors. For example, where Mintigo detected use of a competitor, prospects had an amazing 35% open rate and 10% open-to-click. Where Mintigo detected use of another analytics platform the open-to-click rate was almost 30%. Mintigo made it easy to prioritize and target these segments with specific messaging.
  • Mintigo’s technology discovered that campaigns were working well with any company hiring “ETL” experience. (This makes sense because ETL is short for Extract, Transform, Load—the process by which data is readied for analysis.) For this segment, the open rate was 25% and the open-to-click was 10%.
  • Campaigns showed 25% lift when sent to companies with many analysts in the org chart. Prospects were also more likely to click if their company was hiring BI professionals.
  • Campaigns did not work well if prospects weren’t managers. Since this segment is nevertheless part of the decision process, Birst will use Mintigo to improve their offers to non-managers.

With insights like these, Birst marketers were able to send relevant messages to the right people at the right time. Even while contacting fewer names, Birst was able to convert more MQLs for their sales team. It’s a great result for Birst and its customers alike. Says White, “With Mintigo watching our prospects for signals, we’ll only get better at sending campaigns that better and more effectively target our prospects.”