Mintigo Predictive Lead Scoring for Eloqua

Mintigo’s Predictive Lead Scoring and Data Enrichment, an Oracle Marketing AppCloud Application, makes it easy for you to get real time predictive lead scoring and data enrichment for all of your contacts directly in Eloqua. Using predictive analytics and big data from all over the web, we help you score, target and engage the right prospects with the right campaigns at the right time.

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Discover Your Ideal Prospect Profile

We create an ideal prospect profile by collecting and analyzing publicly available information from all over the web and in your Eloqua & Oracle Marketing Cloud about your customers…your CustomerDNATM.

Target Prospects Most Likely To Buy From You

Mintigo uses real-time predictive scoring to identify the prospects most likely to buy your product within your Eloqua so that you know the best prospects to target.

Engage The Right Prospects Through Eloqua

With this information you can run campaigns to engage the right prospects with the right message through your Eloqua using Cloud Actions, Feeders & Decisions.

Oracle Marketing Cloud

“Mintigo has built a native and integrated solution on our Oracle Marketing Cloud that can help deliver predictive marketing and lead scoring. This is a great example of an open platform with integrated, innovative solutions, that can simplify the marketer’s experience and help grow their business.”

– John Stetic, Group Vice President of Product for Oracle Marketing Cloud

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Red Hat

“We have a better understanding of who we’re selling to today and which companies are more likely to buy from us. With Mintigo, we’ve gained a lot of efficiency.”

– Cameron Conway, Director of Customer Insights at Red Hat

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Getty Images

“Mintigo’s transparent models and data help our sales people sell across our product portfolio.”

– Kimberly Malone, Technology Program Manager at Getty Images

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“Mintigo delivers the marketing indicators with much better information to deliver better results.”

– Kip Parent, VP of Oracle

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Introducing Mintigo’s Predictive CampaignsTM For Eloqua
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Mintigo Predictive Campaigns(TM)

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