Focus On The Prospects In Your Marketo With The Highest Propensity To Buy

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Never run a bad campaign again with Mintigo’s Predictive Marketing Platform. Using predictive analytics and big data from all over the web, we help you score, target and engage the right prospects with the right campaigns at the right time. Mintigo works with marketers at companies like DocuSign, Autodesk and SmartBear to prioritize leads, identify cross-selling opportunities in their customer base, and target new markets to expand into.


Discover Your Ideal Prospect Profile

We create an ideal prospect profile by collecting and analyzing publicly available information from all over the web and in your Marketo about your customers…your CustomerDNATM.

Target Prospects Most Likely To Buy From You

Mintigo uses real-time predictive scoring to identify the prospects most likely to buy your product within your Marketo or on the web so that you know the best prospects to target.

Engage The Right Prospects Through Marketo

With this information you can run campaigns to engage the right prospects with the right message through your Marketo, CRM or even social ads such as LinkedIn.

SmartBear Software

“Every time I run a campaign, Mintigo is watching the responses to learn who responds to what content.”

– Gary DeAsi, Senior Marketing Manager at SmartBear Software

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“With Mintigo…we’ll only get better at sending campaigns that better and more effectively target our prospects.”

– Wynn White, VP of Marketing at Birst

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“Marketing Automation’s Missing Link: Getting Higher Conversions Using Customer Intelligence”

– Louis Columbus, Contributor at Forbes

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