Marketing Intelligence

It’s Time for Breakthrough Marketing

Mintigo is a Marketing Intelligence Platform to discover, track, and engage your best B2B prospects.  Taking the guesswork out of marketing, Mintigo constantly monitors your Total Available Market (TAM), looking for the signals that somebody is ready to buy a product like yours. It learns from every campaign you send, finding the best way to segment and engage your prospects with targeted campaigns. By targeting business needs & interests, Mintigo takes the guesswork out of marketing, and it lets marketers rise above the noise of advertising to generate the pipeline that Sales needs to succeed.


Big DataMintigo continuously searches the “big data” of the Social Web to discover your total universe of prospects. By matching patterns from your existing customers and pipeline, Mintigo searches and sources business contacts who look like your ideal target. Then, Mintigo extracts intelligence that you can’t get elsewhere, like:

  • What does your prospect need?
  • How does their business work?
  • What have they already purchased?

Across millions of companies and people, Mintigo calculates a score, groups prospects into segments, and tells you why. Predictive lead scoring makes it easy for your Sales team to prioritize the leads most likely to buy.


Track with MintigoBy processing the explosion of big data on the Web, Mintigo constantly grows its proprietary InterestBase™ to track the needs & interests of your market. Mintigo finds the buying signals that align with your unique products. It also helps you figure out which messages will engage different segments today. It answers:

  • Which segments best describe your Total Available Market (TAM)?
  • What content will your prospects appreciate?
  • Which people influence your prospects most?

There’s no faster way to design your next successful campaign.


cross-sellThe Mintigo Marketing Intelligence Platform makes it easy to create micro-campaigns aimed at specific personas. Marketers push campaigns from Mintigo to existing software like Marketo, Eloqua, and Salesforce. Mintigo sorts prospects into segments, adds scoring, and matches them to the best campaign channel & message. And just like Pandora learns your taste in music, Mintigo learns which prospects click on which campaigns. So your campaigns perform better and better.

Learn how SmartBear Uses Mintigo to Engage 3-6X More Leads. Case Study