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Mintigo is a Predictive Marketing Platform to discover, target, and engage your best prospects. Mintigo constantly monitors your ideal customers, looking for the signals that somebody is ready to buy a product like yours. It learns from every campaign and user interaction, predictively scores and enriches every lead in real time, and finds the best way to target and engage your prospects. Mintigo’s innovative approach combines the power of predictive analytics, big data and your customer data to identify buyers faster. Mintigo takes the guesswork out of marketing and generates the pipeline that Sales needs to succeed.

Mintigo’s Predictive Marketing Platform allows marketers to easily build predictive models to meet any marketing need, quickly enable predictive lead scoring and enrichment for Marketo, Eloqua and Salesforce.com.


Mintigo continuously searches the world wide web for millions of B2B organizations and contacts to discover thousands attributes such as technologies in use, social influences, department sizes, and firmographic data. Using predictive analytics and machine learning with your customer and Mintigo data, Mintigo discovers your CustomerDNA – a string of attributes that make up your ideal customer profile.

Mintigo extracts predictive intelligence that you can’t get elsewhere, like:

  • What are the distinctive marketing indicators of your prospect?
  • In what areas are they hiring and growing?
  • What complimentary technologies or platforms have they already purchased?


Mintigo’s Predictive Marketing Platform evaluates every prospect as it enters your marketing funnel and assigns a predictive score according to your CustomerDNA. This enables marketers to quickly identify prospects that are most likely to purchase their product. Using predictive lead scores along with attributes that make up the score, marketers are then able to target the right prospects with the right message.

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Mintigo’s Predictive Marketing Platform makes it easy to create micro-campaigns aimed at specific personas. Mintigo enriches leads with critical data that your database lacks so that you can engage your prospects more intelligently through your marketing and sales systems including Eloqua, Marketo, Salesforce.com and LinkedIn.

Mintigo’s Predictive Lead Scoring adapts over time, making it possible to keep scores updated in real time. Mintigo makes it easy for you to decide which leads are ready to be engaged by sales and which ones need further nurturing.

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