White Paper:

State of the Marketing Technology Industry

In this report, Mintigo’s Customer Intelligence Platform analyzed 186,500 US-based B2B companies by using big data analytics to parse their websites, social media networks, and business directories. This report discovered the types of businesses and industries that implemented the latest marketing technology tools. Download the full report now.


Recorded Webinar: Content Intelligence – How To Survive The Arms Race In Content Marketing

The key to surviving the content marketing arms race is Content Intelligence: the ability to know what content will engage your target audience. Learn more.


Recorded Webinar: 5 Secrets To Closing More Deals Using Big Data Analytics

Learn how to double your rate of pipeline production by leveraging new types of data publicly available on the social web to get into good conversations with the right people.


Recorded Webinar: Mining For Gold In Your Email House List

Learn trade secrets from HubSpot’s former VP of Marketing, Jeanne Hopkins, on how to segment and nurture your email database to increase engagement and conversions.


Recorded Webinar: How Big Data Will Save Your Funnel

New tools are helping marketers search for prospects with just the right interests at just the right time. Marketers can learn about thousands of prospects in real-time, seeing who is likely to buy, and what campaign will best engage each prospect today.


Recorded Webinar: How DocuSign Built A World-Class Lead Nurturing Program

Guest presenter Meagen Eisenberg, VP of Demand Gen at DocuSign, shares her secrets and best practices for building a well-oiled lead generation and nurturing machine. This is a must-watch for all marketers.

White Paper:

Creating Personas for B2B Marketing

Marketing automation allows you to stay in touch until a prospect is ready to buy. But simply staying-in-touch does not motivate action. To bring about a moment of decision, you have to focus on your prospect’s current interests. When you define personas by interest and target that interest at the … Read more →

White Paper:

Applying Social Behavioral Data To B2B Marketing

Today’s B2B marketing environment is more challenging than ever before. It’s harder to reach buyers and more difficult to gather information about their intentions. Traditional information sources, such as internal systems and public databases, often fall short when it comes to uncovering a prospect’s business needs, interests and purchase stages.

This free white paper from marketing automation expert David Raab explains how social and behavioral data can help solve this challenge.


Recorded Webinar: How To Generate 1000s Of B2B Leads A Month And Keep Your Sanity

B2B lead generation has changed. Today’s marketers are being challenged to generate more leads at a faster pace – leads that are of high quality and ready for sales. And, if you don’t move fast enough, your competitors will eat your lunch.

Watch our replay.


Recorded Webinar: The Savvy Marketer’s Guide to B2B Segmentation

Everyone agrees that segmentation will increase your clicks. So why do the majority of B2B marketers still not segment? It’s because there are infinite ways to slice and dice a list…and that’s overwhelming for anyone.

Watch our replay to learn the new rules of segmentation.