From Big Data to Marketing Intelligence

Every day, people create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data — 90% of the data in the world today didn’t exist 24 months ago.* For modern marketers, the right data is the key to campaigns that outperform. Data from websites, the social networks… all the publicly available data that businesses and prospects share with the world is invaluable. But what is the best way to leverage all that data?

The Mintigo platform uses big data analytics to turn data into Marketing Intelligence. Marketing Intelligence feeds your marketing automation and CRM software, lifting marketing programs to new heights. The end result? You get more clicks, more shares, and more pipeline.

Mintigo Marketing Intelligence Platform

Finding Your Universe of Prospects

Mintigo searches tens of millions of potential buyers to learn who is (and who is not) in your total universe of prospects. Every business is unique, so Mintigo technology learns from the patterns of your existing customers and marketing campaigns. These patterns make up your CustomerDNA®, a unique signature describing who has bought your products and who has responded to your campaigns.

Whether a prospect name comes from Mintigo, our data partners, or your own house list, Mintigo can tell you today where to focus your precious marketing resources.

InterestBase™ — The Engine for Marketing Intelligence

How do you cut through all the marketing noise? Be relevant. Speak to your prospects’ unique interests. If you’re  still relying on ‘dinosaur data’ like firmographics (geography, revenue, SIC code), you have to guess.

Instead of guessing, use the Mintigo’s InterestBase™. Mintigo uses sophisticated algorithms to extract interests from unstructured data (like text and web-pages), figuring out the characteristics and interests of your best possible prospects. It matches the interests to your ‘likely to buy’ prospects automatically, in real-time. This information is not all in one place…it is often scattered across the web. But the Mintigo platform triangulates this disparate data. For example, few companies explicitly state the types of technology they have deployed. But Mintigo analyzes job postings, employee biographies, website JavaScript, blogs, news articles, and comments made on the social networks to provide an accurate picture of the exact technologies used by your prospects…and even those they are considering…those they are most interested in.

Use the InterestBase to get  intelligence regarding:

  • Precise business descriptions
  • Specific products used and being evaluated
  • Certain go-to-market strategies
  • Org chart composition
  • Technology preferences & trends (e.g. cloud computing)
  • Vendor preferences & evaluations (e.g. Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce)
  • Business conditions (e.g. just funded, growing, hiring, going global, etc.)
  • Popular content topics
  • Social influencers

Interest-Driven Messages That Outperform

The real power of Mintigo’s InterestBase is in its ability to match. The InterestBase covers a broad array of intelligence so  you can find the trends that are specific to your exact business focus. Using big data analytics, the InterestBase finds “lookalikes” to those who have responded to your campaigns in the past. The results of any campaign (whether email, inbound, pay per click, tradeshow, or sales calls) hold a wealth of information about who responds to which message. Your history of campaigns tells the InterestBase what data to monitor on your behalf. Every time you run a campaign, the InterestBase gets smarter about what to look for, and as a result your campaigns get better and better. Sometimes, it’s not ‘A or B’ it could be “A, B and C” each targeted at a specific audience identified by the InterestBase.

Mintigo monitors campaigns as they progress, looking for patterns in who responds versus who does not. This reveals to marketers where their messages aren’t getting through. As a result, marketers separate out the groups they are failing to reach, check the InterestBase, and send a new micro-campaign with more success.

Organizational 6x lift If employees show job titles with phrase “inside sales”
12x lift If job descriptions list “SaaS” or “cloud” as skills
Behavioral 4x lift If prospect or his colleagues recently visited the website
5x lift If prospect attended a specific tradeshow
Social 7x lift If prospect was very active on Twitter
2x lift If prospect has a large number of followers
Technological 10x lift If prospect’s website uses lead forms from
0.5x drop if prospect’s website shows use of Google Analytics
Firmographic 4x lift If prospect has 1000-2000 employees
2x lift If company has more than 3 office locations

Generate Micro-Campaigns

Marketers use the InterestBase to generate an ongoing flow of micro-campaigns. Use Mintigo to help segment the universe of prospects into personas, each of Creating campaigns in the Mintigo appwhich shares a set of precise needs & interests. Use Mintigo to map contacts to these persona groups. Use Mintigo to generate new contacts that match those personas if needed. Use Mintigo to target your message based on their interests. Then, use Mintigo to push these campaign elements to any existing marketing automation or CRM software for execution.

Mintigo integrates with Eloqua, Hubspot, Marketo,  Pardot (ExactTarget), email service providers like SilverPop, and CRM applications like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Find New Revenue Opportunities

With the Mintigo InterestBase, we bring intelligence to marketers. We provide unprecedented ability to sift through millions of companies and tens of millions of prospects to home in on your best prospects and deliver messages that speak directly to their interests and needs. And in turn your campaigns get smarter, get higher responses and click throughs and fill your funnel with higher quality leads faster.

*Source: IBM “What is Big Data” 2012