Jason Mraz, AE

What drew you to come work at Mintigo?

I was really intrigued when I heard the story of the cofounders of Mintigo, who years ago, built an intelligence database that was able to discern the characteristics of “the bad guys” in Israel by predicting and thus helping prevent their actions to protect against the loss of life. The fundamentals of this data collection expertise served as the building blocks of Mintigo’s marketing intelligence platform. Now, Mintigo mines 1000s of characteristics of virtually every company in existence, helping understand those attributes that predict who will buy a given B2B product or solution. Essentially, Mintigo helps find “the good guys” – or who are the most likely buyers for a given B2B solution. I saw working at Mintigo would combine a couple of things I loved – intelligence doctrine from my own time as a US Army intelligence officer, along with consultative B2B sales work. I’ve found an extremely interesting and intellectually challenging environment at Mintigo.

From what do you enjoy most in your position?

I enjoy understanding my client’s challenges and helping then see how Mintigo’s AI platform can do all the hard work of analyzing who will buy, why they’ll buy, and when they’ll buy so that a marketer or sales operations professional can use our intelligence to help their execution systems (marketing automation and CRM) become smarter in their actions. I’m also fortunate to be surrounded by a helpful, fun team that’s maniacally focused on helping our clients achieve success in this brave new world of AI.

What new opportunities did you get from this position?

I love that we drink our own champagne here at Mintigo. I’ve been able to use our own intelligence collection abilities to dramatically change the way I work. I understand which of our own prospects are most likely to buy, and I love educating my own clients how they can do the same with Mintigo.

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