Effective ABM strategy relies on two things: laser-focused targeting and content customized for your prospects. The powerful technology behind MintigoAI offers you the insights to accomplish both, providing your sales and marketing teams with absolute clarity on who to target and what they need to hear to become your customer.

Discover Your Target Accounts

Fit, Intent, and Behavioral data are the key ingredients to targeting the right accounts in an ABM strategy. Without the right insights or by relying on just one data source, selecting the right accounts is merely guesswork. Mintigo uses these data points to identify the buying stage of an account.

Mintigo’s award-winning and easy-to-use SaaS platform enables you to create predictive models to discover ideal customer profiles (ICPs) for all your products or business needs. In addition to your list of accounts, we rank and score over 50 million companies globally to find your total addressable market (TAM). With Mintigo’s AI platform, you can use the insights from your ICP to understand your target account buyer personas.


  • Build unlimited predictive models for ABM
  • Prioritize your existing target account list
  • Discover net new accounts that fit your ICP
  • Create precision-targeted account segments
  • Identify in-market buyers from purchase intent signals

Identify Key Decision Makers & Influencers

The identification of the right decision makers early in the sales cycle is essential for ABM success. This is ever so critical due to the fact that prospects are doing their own information gathering even before sales teams ever formally engage with them. Marketing and sales need answers to questions such as: Who is looking for information related to our solutions? Who are the members of a “buying committee” or decision team we need to impress within an account? What competitive solutions are the prospects currently evaluating?

Mintigo can help you identify decision makers and influencers in your target accounts. By using insights from predictive models for both accounts and contacts, you can identify the best people to engage. You can also use these insights to acquire your target audience from the various partners that Mintigo works with.


  • Create precision-targeted contact segments with predictive insights
  • Identify the best leads and contacts from your database
  • Acquire net new contacts from target accounts through demand generation and contact data partners

Personalize Content Using Predictive Insights

A successful ABM strategy requires highly personalized messaging and offers. Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP) can help you pinpoint the right value proposition because you will know why a target account is most likely to buy from you. You can use these insights to tailor the marketing content you created to the right segments and buyer personas.

Mintigo provides full visibility into the marketing indicators that make up predictive scores. Understanding the key characteristics of your ideal customer profile (ICP) from your predictive models is essential because it gives you insights to help drive personalized messaging. As buyers move from one buying stage to another, the content needs to be personalized to match each stage.


  • Uncover the right insights that provide the highest propensity to buy
  • Create custom indicators that are specific to your business
  • Use insights from your ICP to provide relevant messages & offers

Engage Your Target Accounts In a Data-Driven Multi-Channel Approach

Intelligent ABM systems must present a unified experience to the customer or prospect by delivering the right message at the right time through the right channel.

Mintigo enables your multi-channel ABM program orchestration with pre-built integration with leading marketing cloud and CRM providers such as Oracle, Adobe, Salesforce, Microsoft and Marketo. Additionally, Mintigo provides integration with demand generation partners such as Madison Logic and Integrate.


  • Built-in native integrations with Oracle, Salesforce, Adobe, Microsoft, Marketo, Integrate and Madison Logic
  • Bulk API for integration with data warehouses and other data stores
  • Real-time data enrichment into marketing cloud and CRM systems enable targeted ABM campaign execution such as web personalization and targeted display advertising

Enable Your Sellers with the Power of Predictive Intelligence

One of the most important steps in ABM is to enable your sales team by guiding them with the appropriate sales messaging matched to the proper buyer persona. By exposing the characteristics of a target account matched to your ideal customer profile (ICP) directly in your CRM, your sales team can access these insights anytime from anywhere and be armed with the most appropriate pitches and offers.

Mintigo’s AI Platform and Predictive Sales Coach makes it easy for you to create precise content for sales, expose all of the relevant marketing assets specific to your target accounts, and enable sales by providing contextual conversations to have with their prospects. Armed with actionable sales intelligence, your sales teams will be knowledgeable, confident, and effective.


  • Create persona driven dynamic sales plays
  • Identify best product(s) & product bundles with highest propensity to buy
  • Identify cross-sell/up-sell opportunities with current clients
  • Get real-time alerts when an account is in-market to purchase
  • Provide your sellers with the most appropriate sales plays, battle cards, sales assets and positioning guidelines as defined dynamically by the characteristics of the account

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