2015 SIIA CODiE Award: Mintigo “Best Sales & Marketing Intelligence Solution”

2015 CODiE Award Winner for Best Sales & Marketing Intelligence Solution - Mintigo Enterprise Predictive Marketing Platform

The CODiE Award serves as “an incredible market validation for a product’s innovation, vision and overall industry impact,” according to SIIA. It’s a validation of Mintigo’s visionary use of data science to transform marketing and sales.

Since founding Mintigo in 2009 (read our story as published on The Huffington Post here), our goal was to transform sales and marketing with the use of data science. Our aim was to take the guesswork out of marketing by telling marketers which actions deliver winning results. We harnessed our expertise in data to empower marketers with a deep understanding of customers, an ability to optimize campaigns, and thereby deliver peak results and ROI to their organization.

Data science is at Mintigo’s core. We assembled a world-class team of the finest scientists and charged them with solving one of the toughest problems for B2B companies today — how to engage prospects and sell more for every dollar spent.

In a world where 80% of budgets were wasted and only a fraction of marketing leads were accepted by sales, marketers needed a platform that would help them focus their budget and resources on the actions that are most likely to drive revenue. Mintigo leverages science to help marketers get a clear view of the marketing road ahead.

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Our vision is to empower marketers with forward-looking predictions concerning which leads are most likely to convert to customers and help to optimize campaigns – in essence, this enables marketing and sales find new customers faster. We call this approach Predictive Marketing.

The way to do this necessitated developing a deep understanding of companies’ existing customers and, through sophisticated modeling, finding other prospects like them. Predictive Marketing eliminates the waste of chasing leads that will never convert and focuses the energy and budget on the things that bring revenue, making the marketer the center of the revenue-generation process.

Winning the 2015 SIIA CODiE award for the “Best Sales & Marketing Intelligence Solution” was an acknowledgement from our peers that we were successful. This award has been recognizing companies in the content, education, and software industries for the past 29 years. As you can see here in this list of criteria for the “Best Sales & Marketing Intelligence Solution” category, the process for identifying the best solution is rather extensive – Mintigo proved to the judges that we excelled in every criteria.

We are thrilled that the judges found that Mintigo provides excellent value for our clients and superior performance. For us, Mintigo has been and will continue to be an exciting journey. We set a goal to make marketing a data-driven discipline that develops a deep understanding of clients and delivers better results. We are proud to receive the industry’s recognition for the value and innovation that we bring to clients.


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Jacob Shama


Dr. Jacob Shama is Co-Founder and CEO of Mintigo, which provides customer intelligence to the world's leading B2B companies. Dr. Shama has more than 20 years of executive experience in the fields of Information Technology and Communications, specializing in big data.