3 Key Ways to Maximize Predictive Marketing Data

John Stetic, Oracle Marketing Cloud
John Stetic
Group Vice President, Products
Oracle Marketing Cloud

The evolution of the marketing function has ushered in a vast assortment of helpful data. The challenge for marketers, as well as the rest of the organization, is in configuring the right systems and strategic measures to maximize the value of the information available about prospects and existing customers. If marketers are swimming in a sea of data, it becomes an organizational imperative to implement a navigational strategy to steer the ship in a positive, helpful direction – both for companies and their contacts.

It can be a daunting challenge for organizations to understand, sort, and act on trends in this data, as well as developing an understanding of which campaign functions and activities people will respond to. But it’s important to know that as a marketer, you’re making the right choices to serve your contacts in a relevant, helpful way across all touch points.

Predictive marketing can bring order to organizations that are swimming in data and get the needed answers to help figure out the best leads, the right campaigns and the best accounts to target. Mintigo’s Predictive Lead Scoring and Data Enrichment App, built on the Oracle Marketing Cloud AppCloud, provides an integrated solution focused on streamlining marketers’ ability to garner real time predictive lead scoring and data enrichment for all contacts directly in the Eloqua marketing automation system.

Join us as we explore these trends during the webinar titled: Data, Predictive Analytics & Marketing Clouds: The Platform For The Modern Marketer, Wednesday, Feb. 25 at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET. Speakers from Mintigo, Oracle Marketing Cloud and SiriusDecisions will highlight:

  • The rise of the marketing cloud as the centerpiece in customer-centric marketing;
  • How data and predictive analytics uncovers the insights to power the marketing cloud; and
  • Where marketing clouds are headed and what marketers need to understand to succeed in their organization.

Here are three significant benefits that marketers can reap from maximizing predictive analytics:

1. Optimize demand generation initiatives

Using predictive analytics and big data from all over the web, marketers can ramp up their scoring initiatives to better target and engage accounts and prospects with right time campaigns based on the information relevant to their profiles.

2. Personalize interactions

Real-time predictive scoring allows marketers to identify the prospects most likely to buy your product within your marketing automation instance, so you have a clear picture of the best prospects to target. This helps marketers learn the intent of a buying decision long before it is made. With data from 80 million individuals across 10 million companies yielding thousands of granular marketing indicators, marketers can accurately predict the intent and fit of the potential buyer.

3. Enable enhanced multichannel campaigns

With this information you can run campaigns to engage the right prospects with the right message through your marketing automation system.


Modern Marketers know they can benefit from applying more smarts to their data and processes, but figuring out where to start often poses a significant challenge. Being able to work with predictive marketing technologies in a seamless integrated process is critical to making it easy to leverage this powerful technology. An open marketing platform like the Oracle Marketing Cloud enables innovative new vendors like Mintigo to seamlessly integrate their product into an enterprises marketing platform.


Data, Predictive Analytics & Marketing Clouds

To learn more about “Data, Predictive Analytics and Marketing Clouds: The Platform For The Modern Marketer”, view the slides and webinar recording presented by John Bara (Mintigo), Jay Famico (SiriusDecisions) and John Stetic (Oracle Marketing Cloud).
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John Stetic


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