Dear Marketing: Please Send Intelligence. Love, Sales

Annual territory planning brings both renewed hope that this year sales will get the right list for each rep to blow out their numbers but also looming pressure that if it’s not on target, company revenue goals might be missed.

Sales is expected year after year to define their target account list armed with nothing more than demographic/firmographic data, elephant logos still outstanding and a whopping headache from working in an excel spreadsheet too long. How often has that worked out for any of us? I don’t see any hands. I’ll proceed.

At the end of the day, we as sales, do not have the time nor the data intelligence to identify the right accounts to pursue from SKO to the final Hail-Mary-signed deal at year end. We quickly note even 30-60 days into the year that those gems we thought were going to be our best shot at winner’s circle indeed aren’t the right target for any number of reasons. We wake in the middle of the night in a sweat trying to sort out how such a big named account won’t engage with us when we have the perfect answer for them if they would just watch our demo. While we may have nailed the right “fit”, we may have missed the boat on intent. Who on earth could help us as we rally for a better H2? Who?!

Mintigo Superheroes at Oracle MCE 2017

Mintigo Superheroes at Oracle MCE 2017

Enter Marketing. Your new Superhero. (*Editor’s note: As a marketer, who would’ve thought you’d hear this coming from a salesperson?)

But wait, how and why would we trust the part of the business that we as sales believe never gives us the leads we hope for and too many of the leads that seem to be a waste of time? (*Editor’s note: oh…) The answer: Intelligence.

What was once only for organizations with advanced marketing is now becoming a mandatory tool for any B2B company to leverage. SiriusDecisions, a B2B research and advisory firm where I recently spent my time in sales, has called predictive the marketer’s Swiss army knife. It delivers customer scoring, smart segmentation, predictive personas, prospect prioritization, tactic matching, prospect sourcing, contact engagement, opportunity scoring and most importantly, intent to purchase. In joining Mintigo, I opted to now be a part of the solution through their industry leading platform for both sales and marketing. Predictive analytics now becomes the brain inside the marketing automation system that tells both marketing and sales who their buyers are right now. That’s work off my plate I won’t miss. It also speeds up the sales cycle and eliminates sinking time and effort into accounts that either don’t have a need/budget or desire to look further at my shiny new tool.

Why does Sales want Marketing to do the heavy lifting? We don’t. We want them to leverage intelligent technology through AI so we all work smarter and not harder. We want our account intelligence delivered in our CRM showing marketing and intent indicators, sales playbook options and links to content based on role housed in the SAM. So please, Marketing, be my superhero and deliver those A and B accounts with actionable engagement points. I promise to bring you something back from the Amalfi Coast of Italy.

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Danielle Shaver


Danielle Shaver is a Sales Director with Mintigo. Prior to Mintigo, Danielle was an Account Executive at SiriusDecisions and other SaaS companies with over 24 years of sales experience. She has found that the Mintigo Sales Coach platform has brought new life to her sales process and that of her peers. If you hear from her, there is a high likelihood you left a breadcrumb trail of fit and intent indicators that led her to your inbox/office. She’ll be ready for a conversation to help you reach those revenue goals faster.