Developing Love Between Sales and Marketing

Sales & Marketing Love Story

How many times have we been in meetings where Sales is expressing frustration that Marketing is not providing enough leads, or more importantly that they are not providing the right leads, to allow them to be the rockstar sales professionals they know themselves to be? On the same hand, how many times have we been in like-kind meetings where Marketing is banging their head against the wall because they think Sales isn’t doing their part to follow up on the incredible leads they’ve provided? So we have to ask ourselves, which side tells the real story? Well what we’ve learned, as in any relationship that contains two well intended, deeply caring parties, is that the truth lies somewhere in between…or at least for companies without predictive analytics it does.

For those B-B marketers who have adopted predictive analytic tools, they are finding that the mutual exasperation of sales and marketing is not only dissipating, but rather, dare we say, the love is developing. As Jessica F. Lillian, senior editor at SiriusDecisions educates us in her interview with Jason Widup from Getty Images, “sales needs data-driven intelligence from marketing to make its monitoring and interactions more effective.” By empowering themselves with predictive analytics, marketers are provided with the ability to simulate rather than experiment, and to make predictions rather than guesses; thereby ensuring that Marketing honors what Sales truly needs – a critical aspect of any meaningful relationship. By not only delivering genuinely qualified leads, but actually provided Sales deep insight into why these leads are in fact deemed qualified, Marketing and Sales are becoming a unified force, collectively empowering the company to celebrate deals that possess lower costs, expedited sales cycles, and maximized revenues.

In any relationship that is continuously experiencing challenges, we all know the first step is to seek to understand rather than attempt to be understood and to have each party demonstrate their commitment to the other. By incorporating predictive analytics into their demand gen strategies, and thereby providing critical leverage in the areas of account based marketing, sales enablement, and artificial intelligence, we are seeing companies far and wide bring sales and marketing together as one. Because these powerful, data-driven tools are allowing Sales to witness how dedicated Marketing is to their happiness and success, while at the same time allowing Marketing to see how deeply Sales really does want to perform above and beyond the call of duty, we are witnessing the company-wide impact of these strategic technologies and the long sought after love developing between Sales and Marketing.

Being empowered with such things as the ability to identify what are often obscure patterns in vast amounts of unstructured data, testing endless combinations of attributes and behaviors, incorporating digital signals that were previously invisible, and providing critical insights into account-level behavior, industry leading organizations like Oracle, Getty Images, and CA are celebrating as they witness their Sales and Marketing teams linking hands and hearts as a result of leveraging predictive analytics solutions like Mintigo. Now, rather than requiring mediation at company meetings, reports are being received nationwide that the previously incredulous notion of Sales and Marketing bonding is in fact not only possible, but love between the two has become an inspiring reality.

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Love Your Pipeline San Jose

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Lisa Riecken


Lisa is Sr. Director of Marketing at Mintigo. She is a highly experienced marketing professional with over 20 years in the high tech and financial sectors. Having played integral roles in launching, growing, and IPOing various startups, Lisa's expertise ranges a wide spectrum across an array of industries. Lisa holds an MBA from University of California at Santa Barbara, and a BS from Syracuse University.