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I recently interviewed Mintigo’s CEO and Co-Founder Jacob Shama for our ongoing podcast called “Moneyball for Marketing“. This interview was originally published on The Crimson Marketing Blog. To hear more interviews with marketing thought leaders, visit us here.

While just a few years ago the idea of a “self-driving car” was laughable, today it is a comfortable reality. That’s the model that Jacob Shama, Co-founder and CEO of enterprise predictive marketing company Mintigo, likes to think of when talking about the future of b2b marketing technology—“ a full scale self-driving car that actually manages your entire funnel from first touch to conversion and then later from conversion to customer management.” Predictive marketing, machine learning and look-alike modeling have come a long way, and are just a few of the considerations when choosing marketing software that are touched upon in this episode of Moneyball for Marketing. Other discussion areas include:

Know your customer DNA: Jacob shows how marketing technology can expand marketers’ understanding of buyers “from a few indicators to thousands of indicators,” and provides two real-world examples demonstrating what indicators may point to conversion propensity for your organization.

Save 80% of your budget: “80 percent of the (house list) prospects don’t really match the customer DNA,” says Jacob, who explains how choosing marketing software can take all of the intuitive guesswork (and financial waste) out of b2b marketing.

B2B + B2C = B2P: The new paradigm of marketing technology is actually “b2p (business to person) marketing.” Immigration into one holistic class of data that combines buyer information as a professional purchaser, consumer and individual is driving the “right message, right channel, right time” ethos in b2b marketing technology.

Listen to the full interview in this podcast:

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