How To Give Your Sales Team An Unfair Competitive Advantage

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After graduation for college in 1991, my first job was in sales at one of the largest banks. As the “rookie” in the group the accounts and territories assigned to me were considered “dead or dying”. I decided to dig in and research these accounts at a deeper level. There were no PCs, no e-mail and no Internet.

I discovered a new computer terminal on the trading floor with a vast research service — it was called LEXUS/NEXUS. Later, I observed one of the top traders constantly starting at a bank of little green screens — it was a new service called BLOOMBERG. Between these services and going to the library, I was able to piece together a dossier on each company and create my own form of “actionable intelligence”. It was manual, time consuming, tedious but very effective. After one year, I roared into the top tier of the sales team and by the second year, had the #1 ranking that led me to become the youngest trader in the bank.

Fast forward to the present day. Sales teams have access to a myriad of technologies, marketing automation, CRM systems data services and more. Yet, achieving successful sales are more difficult than ever. The very systems designed to “automate” the process have burdened sales teams with enormous quantities of garbage leads and incomplete data. As a sales person in the modern era, deciding “who to call, when?” and “what to discuss and why?” are the main imperative. Typically, today’s sales people endure a research journey similar to mine circa 1991, only with more advanced tools. What if we could introduce the concept of “AI for Sales”? What if we could automate the journey of research and deliver actionable sales intelligence in real time across millions of contact records in marketing automation or CRM systems? What if we could give sales an unfair competitive advantage by automatically telling sales who is in the market to buy, what products, and why?
Now with Mintigo you can.

With the introduction of the Mintigo Predictive Sales CoachTM, artificial intelligence will directly provide actionable sales intelligence to CRM systems.

Mintigo’s new application uses artificial intelligence to identify the “Who, What, Why, and How?” of the sales process. To be more specific, “Who” will buy from your company, “What” will they buy from you, “Why” they need it, and “How” you should engage them in a meaningful conversation. Mintigo serves predictive insights, purchase intent, and sales message guides into an easy user interface that is directly accessible within CRM systems, such as, Oracle Sales Cloud, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics.

It is believed by many experts that this year, artificial intelligence or “AI”, will become integral to every competitive sales process. AI describes the ability for a machine to carry out tasks intelligently and adapt as a human would. Utilizing AI for sales is exceptionally powerful because it eliminates the chance for human error and automatically arms salespeople with a deeper knowledge of their prospects and customers, guiding them with appropriate messages.

Successful selling takes enormous research to qualify and understand buyer needs; AI driven applications are helping sellers to engage the right prospects with the right message, at the right time. Enterprises adopting Mintigo’s Predictive Sales Coach are already seeing results. One such example is CA Technologies:

“We as marketers love the ability to provide sales collateral directly in Mintigo Sales Coach, providing a single pane of glass for sales reps to quickly understand marketing indicators and related content to then have an effective conversation with a customer or prospect,” says Jennifer Erickson, Senior Director, Global Field & Partner Marketing of CA Technologies.

Mintigo customer, Oracle, will help debut Predictive Sales Coach in a formal presentation at the Sales Hacker Revenue Summit in San Francisco March 7th and 8th, 2017.

Artificial intelligence and predictive analytics will make the sales process much more efficient and profitable for everyone. We at Mintigo are excited to share the AI capability of Sales Coach with our customers and look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have on their sales results.


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John Bara


John Bara is the CMO & President of Mintigo, a leading enterprise predictive marketing platform. He specializes in fast growth marketing with 25 years as an executive in Silicon Valley. Prior to Mintigo, John held CMO and SVP of Marketing roles at companies including XenSource (acquired by Citrix for $500M), Interwoven, Thismoment, and Genesys Telecommunications Labs (IPO, acquired by Alcatel for $2B). John also held a variety of marketing and finance management positions in the microprocessor business unit at Intel Corporation. John holds an MBA degree from Harvard Business School, and a BA from Oberlin College.