How Cybersecurity Marketers Can Be More Effective with AI-Driven Intelligence

This week, all eyes of the technology world are focused on the annual RSA security conference in San Francisco where attendees will learn from the best and the brightest in the cybersecurity field. There will also be a lot of marketing and sales efforts concentrated on this event as there are  many potential customers hoping to find their knight in shining armor – their white-hat hacker who will help them shield and protect their organization. 

Preceding the RSA Conference, the Cybersecurity Marketer of the Year Awards were announced.  As a developer, well-read security enthusiast, and VP of product for an AI for marketing platform, I’d love to see these security company marketers better engage with their potential customers. This post will focus on how security companies can better market and sell themselves to customers.

For starters, knowing critical insights, like which cloud provider businesses use, can help identify those accounts using technology that integrates with your product, saving you from wasting any time on prospects that are not a fit for your offering. If you are developing a vulnerability management solution, you’re probably already targeting enterprises, but mid-market and smaller companies that are under compliance or that are building their security organization from day one could also be ideal targets for your business. When marketing and sales teams have access to insights like these, it makes targeting a whole lot easier and building a data-driven ABM strategy more efficient and effective.

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At Mintigo, we have built our own technology to gather intelligence for B2B companies,  giving marketing and sales teams real-time insights that enable them to market and sell with data-driven strategies. A detailed breakdown of company attributes that are characteristic of your ideal customers—like different technologies they use, including programming languages, database types, and even backup solutions—can help security companies grow their customer base. Data on organizational structure may reveal if the company has a CISO or the size of its IT and security departments so your business can understand the scope of a project or potential deal.

Besides knowing who you should be targeting, translating data into insights can help you understand what offer and message will resonate best with accounts.  A recent Forrester report states that security organizations are turning their attention to endpoint security and budgets are expected to rise. Mintigo is seeing intent indicators on endpoint security surge more now than ever before, and if you were one of the endpoint security vendors at RSA, using this information to identify companies to target could help you discover in-market accounts that are both known and anonymous. Buying signals, both first party and third party, like intent data, may also reveal  the best time for sellers to engage. Having access to insights on solutions needed by your prospects that relate to your security products will fuel you with green-field accounts, or a new universe of accounts you may not have in your database.

The theme for the RSA conference this year is Better, as in a better, safer world.  So while your security companies are building better and more sophisticated solutions to outsmart cybercriminals, we want you, the cyber-security-marketers, to do better as well. Likewise, we want to do better for you by helping you bring more value to your customers and more revenue to your company.

Evgenya Kontorovich


Evgenya leads Mintigo’s product organization. She brings close to two decades of experience in software development in all stages of the product development lifecycle. Evgenya led the SaaS platform development of MintigoAI before heading the product organization. Prior to joining Mintigo, she led development teams in the telco and mobile communications industry. Evgenya holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Bar-Ilan University.