Insight-Driven Selling With Sales Coach 360

Meghan, Senior VP of Sales at a global tech company on the west coast, was at a loss as to how she’d hit this quarter’s targets. I knew from talking with her that they had a slew of software tools, but nothing seemed to be driving the number of opportunities they needed. Even if their product was a good fit, it wasn’t always the right timing, or sometimes they found a prospect’s company was heading in a different direction entirely. Meghan needed to hit her targets but was also wary of taking on another tool to overcome her current challenges. Having spent 20 years in sales, I understood the position she was in.

Every day her reps come in and crank out more volume, but they are starving from the lack of response. She’s frustrated by the lack of alignment between sales and marketing, resulting in a mismatch in targeting and messaging. How will she possibly make up the Q4 revenue gap?

It’s a familiar situation for many sales leaders. This is precisely the reason we created our Sales Coach 360 product, a tool that can help this VP immediately answer her most important questions around targeting prospects and meeting revenue goals.

Sales Coach 360 enables her reps to create unlimited lists of accounts, known and net new, that are not only in-market and the right fit, but filterable by fit indicators and intent topics. When searching within Sales Coach 360, sales and marketing enablement leaders are able to load sales playbooks right into the account page so they can tie their messaging to intent signals. As we know, the right messaging at the right time equals increased engagement. Also, reps can easily find net-new leads within the account to target. Additionally, they can quickly access a prospect account’s social media properties (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook), see recent news and set alerts so they don’t have to babysit accounts that are not ready.

Understandably, adopting yet another new technology might cause a sales exec a bit of worry. Reps don’t like to change behavior and adopt a new tool too quickly.  The reps have their own target account lists and will want to work through those first. But this is a non-issue as reps can actually load their own lists right into Sales Coach 360. They can then see how the account list prioritization pans out. Sales leaders really appreciate this feature, as they realize that this is often a big part of their pipeline problem – big NASCAR logo lists built around networks and firmographics but not well timed around fit, need and interest. Now reps can more effectively spend their time on those accounts with the highest propensity to buy.

Often management is skeptical about the ability of a tool to help turn things around mid-quarter, but by getting just a few A-ranked accounts engaged, sales are quick to turn their head and start using this new tool. We’ve found that companies are converting A accounts often around 6x faster than working their old target accounts and leads. Additionally, deals are of a higher ASP along with a shorter sales cycle. Teams are finding that Sales Coach 360 is the missing link which enables them to get the most out of their other sales tools, because the first and most important question you need to answer – the one that Mintigo answers for you – is who to target.

Danielle Shaver


Danielle Shaver is a Sales Director with Mintigo. Prior to Mintigo, Danielle was an Account Executive at SiriusDecisions and other SaaS companies with over 24 years of sales experience. She has found that the Mintigo Sales Coach platform has brought new life to her sales process and that of her peers. If you hear from her, there is a high likelihood you left a breadcrumb trail of fit and intent indicators that led her to your inbox/office. She’ll be ready for a conversation to help you reach those revenue goals faster.