Introducing Mintigo Predictive Audiences – AI empowered ABM for Marketo

2018 is upon us and if you’re like any other marketer, you’ve developed all your plans and now you’re ready to charge forward. You’ve convinced your boss of benefits of Account-Based Marketing (ABM). Now you want to execute and get most out of your marketing investments.

Last year, many of our customers benefited from their investments in Mintigo AI and ABM stack.

We saw sales KPIs such as average deal size go up by 170% to 400% among others (see customer Results). The secret to the success of our customer is really the perfect blend of science and art of marketing. It actually is plain dead simple; if you know your target and have 20/20 HD vision, you are going to hit the bulls eye 10 out of 10 times! Mintigo AI gives you the ability to clearly see your target and aim at them with right ammunition i.e marketing messages and offers. You can run the most sophisticated marketing campaign ever known to mankind, but without right target and without the understanding of profiles of your target, you will get mediocre results.

We watched and listened to the marketing experts who are exceeding their ABM goals consistently; how they were stitching together systems to execute their ABM programs. They would build predictive models, identify the ideal customer profiles (ICP) and select accounts using Mintigo. They will then marry the marketing message and accounts driven by ICP and predictive ranks. Finally, they will use other tools to engage the targeted accounts digitally and offline channels.

Now, this is a tedious process and you need to streamline systems for ABM execution to scale. That motivated us to design a new product with sole goal to make it easier to execute ABM at scale. We chose to combine the power of Mintigo’s AI with Marketo; Marketo offers several products (e.g. Marketo ABM, Marketo Web Personalization, Marketo Digital Ads etc.) needed to execute ABM programs while Mintigo provides the ‘target audiences and ICP’ needed for ABM to be successful. The end result is the brand new product – Mintigo Predictive Audiences – AI empowered ABM for Marketo.

Mintigo Predictive Audiences will jump start ABM programs for any Marketo user and will provide significant improvement in business results, as realized already by many of Mintigo’s & Marketo’s joint customers. We designed Mintigo Predictive Audiences with simplicity in mind while preserving the benefits of AI you have come to expect. In four simple steps, you will be ready to execute your ABM program. As a new user of Mintigo Predictive Audiences, the following will get you started in no time:

  1. Mintigo Predictive Audiences will automatically create a well-tuned predictive model after you connect with Marketo’
  2. Mintigo Predictive Audiences will guide you through ICP so that you understand your target audiences better and it also help you tweak ICP.
  3. Mintigo Predictive Audiences will help you create account lists for ABM; you will be able to select from your existing accounts and the vast green field of accounts that Mintigo Predictive Audiences identifies for you.
  4. Finally, you can simple export the list to Marketo as a named account list or download it as a csv file for further execution.

We are excited to bring this unique AI empowered ABM solution to you today.  Sundar Pichai noted in his keynote at Google I/O, the world has made a transition from ‘mobile first to AI first’ last year. The applications of AI are all around us; Mintigo has been on the leading edge of providing AI powered business applications for Marketing and sales. You’ve committed to ABM and now you’ve an excellent opportunity to exceed your ABM goals with Mintigo Predictive Audiences. Let’s not wait, let’s get started today – click here to learn more or click here to contact us.


Atul Kumar


Atul leads our innovative product organization at Mintigo. Atul spent several years conceptualizing and delivering data-driven marketing solutions at Oracle, Veritas, Symantec and ReachForce. His innovative work in the area of lead management and lead scoring has been widely published, and laid the foundation of current lead scoring models and predictive marketing methodologies. He co-founded SetLogik (acquired by ReachForce), a modern cloud data management platform. Atul holds a Ph.D. in Materials Science from the University of Cambridge, U.K.