Joining Mintigo Made Me Rethink Targeting

After spending the last 8.5 years at the top B2B research and advisory organization covering B2B sales, marketing, and product technologies, I felt myself drawn to an opportunity at Mintigo by both the people and the AI space.

When it came to Mintigo’s solution I thought it would validate what I already knew versus challenge my thinking. Now, knowing the capabilities that Mintigo has, I have outlined why I think both sales and marketing leaders can make more informed decisions and be more effective leaders using their offering.

At my previous company, we decided which territories and top accounts to focus on based on our institutional knowledge and which companies were buying. What I’ve learned is that the profile is only one layer of prioritization. To truly profile top accounts effectively and efficiently there are additional considerations.  All of which Mintigo’s offering is equipped to deliver on.

Data Driven Prospect and Client Prioritization

Working with sales and marketing leaders over the last 8.5 years, I know that deriving meaningful insights from data is every company’s biggest challenge. Before joining Mintigo, my understanding of AI was that it would plug into your database to help you prioritize your accounts, but knowing every company struggles with their database I didn’t understand the value of this.

Mintigo doesn’t simply help with data enrichment, but determines your ICP (Ideal Client Profile), helping you find the right prospects, drive pipeline, and discover net-new accounts. With a robust database and powerful AI, Mintigo has the ability to understand which companies are most likely to buy based on a number of indicators including fit, intent and behavioral.  Mintigo’s technology doesn’t just make it easier to find your TAM (Total Addressable Market), but it also ensures accuracy all the way down to which offering prospects currently have versus which they are most likely to buy.

Being on the account management side as well, I have always looked to prioritize client accounts that have the highest opportunity for cross-sell and up-sell. Mintigo can help you target customers who are actively looking for additional solutions across your portfolio.  You never leave money on the table and improve retention when you know you’ve met all the customer’s needs.

What I’m finding is even the accounts that fit the profile might not be ready to buy right now, which is why Mintigo can help your best reps focus even further on accounts that are also in the market for an offering like yours.

More Tailored Messaging

In my five years working as a rep, and while managing sales teams, I found that even though we knew tailored messaging was important, what we ended up crafting was often generic – either based on research of a prospect’s company or on whatever topic was hot in the market. To have insight into what a prospect account is actually searching for online can elevate your messaging from something generic to something that feels personalized to their current needs, a key factor in upping engagement and standing out from the competition. CA Technologies, for example, experienced a 78% improvement in ASP and a 237% increase in form completes by engaging prospects with more relevant messaging.

Facilitating The Right Follow Up

After identifying the right accounts and tailoring your message to the prospect’s needs, it’s important to recognize any signs of interest. With most executives it can take 8-10 prompts before they respond and many are doing their own research on your website beforehand.

Knowing when a prospect has been to your website will help you with both the timing and tailoring of your next follow up. Mintigo’s intent indicators will keep reps current on interest levels across the organization around specific topics and also provide insights into where the prospect is in the buyer’s journey.

The Bottom Line

As a sales leader, I’m always on the lookout for any opportunity to make my reps more effective and efficient. Knowing that I have the ability to use Mintigo’s offering to prioritize accounts and focus my team’s efforts makes me feel confident that we will be focused on the right prospects. Seeing the success of organizations like Bizible, which saw an increase in their “A” account conversion rate from a baseline of 2.7% to 16.4%, I feel confident in Mintigo’s ability to take revenue goals to unprecedented levels.

I’m honored to be working for such a great company and to help sales and marketing leaders align and solve challenges that I have been faced with over the years.


Francine Nikas Stowe


Francine Stowe has nearly a decade of sales leadership experience in the B2B space. As global head of sales she runs all of Mintigo’s sales and business development teams. Prior to joining Mintigo, Francine was most recently leading North America Sales for SiriusDecisions. Francine brings experience working with sales and marketing executives and has helped companies grow by leveraging the right processes and technology stack. Francine holds a Bachelors of Business Administration with concentrations in Marketing and International Business from Ithaca College.