LinkedIn Ads Just Got Smarter – The Vision Behind Predictive Targeting & LinkedIn Ads


“With more than 277M members worldwide on LinkedIn, Mintigo’s new integration is the first of its kind to bring predictive analytics to ad targeting on the world’s largest professional network on the internet.”
–Atul Kumar, Mintigo CPO

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Mintigo – we participated as a Gold Sponsor at Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit where we met some great people, launched our social media contest to Eliminate Awkward moments in marketing, and announced our latest integration with LinkedIn Ads. The LinkedIn Ads integration announcement was met with much fanfare (check out the story on Forbes), so what better way to get a glimpse of the product vision than through an interview with Mintigo’s Chief Product Officer, Atul Kumar.

Atul Kumar

Atul is a thought leader in SaaS Product Development and B2B Marketing Automation. Prior to Mintigo, Atul was CPO of ReachForce, Co-Founder & CEO of SetLogik, and VP of SaaS products at Serena Software. He has over 18 years of SaaS product experience.

Question: What is Mintigo’s integration with LinkedIn Ads and why do you think it’s important?

Kumar: Today’s savvy, data-driven marketers need to be able to focus their efforts and resources on marketing to the right prospects instead of a spray-and-pray approach. Our core technology enables B2B marketers to specifically target prospects at companies that have been identified with the highest propensity to buy their products or services…and now, with this integration, you can target your LinkedIn Ads on these high-fit prospects.

Question: Why LinkedIn? Mintigo is already integrated with several marketing automation platforms.

Kumar: Part of our product strategy is to allow B2B marketers to leverage data intelligence for lead management as well as for multi-channel demand generation for B2B. Given that most B2B professionals are active on LinkedIn, it was a natural choice for us to allow our customers to leverage insights and data from our platform to drive precise targeting on LinkedIn.

Earlier this year, our CEO Jacob Shama shared results from a Mintigo study showing that while 11.8% of the software and internet industry has adopted marketing automation, overall adoption is only approximately 4.9%. We anticipate this number to increase as companies see the lift in ROI that comes with data intelligence and predictive marketing platforms.

In the meantime, we want to expand our reach to the 277 million people on LinkedIn, so that these marketers can achieve laser focused targeting with our customer data platform. This is the first LinkedIn Ads integration with a customer intelligence software platform of this kind.

“11.8% of the software and internet industry has adopted marketing automation, but overall adoption is only ~4.9%.”
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Question: How does this integration work?

Kumar: First, Mintigo’s CustomerDNA technology predictively scores every lead against their ideal customer profile identified by data intelligence gathered from the web and from the company’s marketing automation and CRM platforms or houselist.

Then, Mintigo identifies all the prospects that fit the ideal profile. We call this the total available market (TAM). With LinkedIn Ads integration, marketers can focus their ad campaigns accurately on these high fit prospects in their TAM.

It means combining predictive analytics with automatic segmentation so that businesses can effectively engage the right prospects with the right campaigns.

For example, a marketer wants to put his ad in front of 1,500 relevant companies. But which companies? And to which team members? What skills or qualities do these customers have in common?

Mintigo helps you identify the best fit prospects and provides you very simple point and click Ads placement using LinkedIn & Mintigo integration. This also helps marketers who are adopting account based marketing.

Question: What do you think will excite marketers the most about this integration?

Kumar: The lift in engagement and the quality (better fit) of leads that marketers will see with LinkedIn Ads with such precise targeting will be the most exciting. Everyone has seen what good segmentation can do to email campaigns and now they will be able to see this with a simple-to-use application with LinkedIn Ads.

Our CEO Jacob Shama put it very eloquently by saying that our vision is to become the crucial bridge between marketing automation, CRM systems, and social advertising channels so that marketers can be laser-focused on companies that have the highest propensity to buy. We believe this integration is a real game changer in the world of B2B marketing.

LinkedIn-Mintigo Image Credit: Demand Gen Report

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Sophia L Wong


Sophia runs content marketing at Mintigo. She is a data-driven marketer responsible for setting and creating Mintigo’s content strategy. Prior to joining Mintigo, Sophia ran marketing at Perkville (a cloud-based rewards and loyalty B2B SaaS startup). In a past life, Sophia was an engineer. She holds a BS from the Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and a MS in Engineering Management from Santa Clara University (SCU).