What Makes An Inc. 5000 Company Successful? We’ll Tell You! [Infographic]

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Being among the exclusive list of Inc. 5000 companies is what every CEO wants. Inc. Magazine collects data every year and ranks America’s fastest growing companies.

At Mintigo, we collect thousands of data points for millions of companies on a continual basis, so we used our predictive marketing capabilities to analyze this list and see what indicators make this group of companies unique. Here is what we discovered (see the infographic below).

Inc. 5000 companies accelerate growth by leveraging technology

Innovating and taking advantage of technology is key for many Inc. 5000 companies. For example, America’s fastest growing companies are 24-times more likely to use A/B testing tools to optimize their website and 5-times more likely to adopt Salesforce.com, marketing automation and social sharing buttons on their website.

Inc. 5000 companies have more web, marketing and design staff

America’s fastest growing companies take marketing very seriously. We found that Inc. 5000 companies have more staff for web applications, graphic design and online marketing. In addition, they tend to have more positions dedicated to PR, strategic planning, marketing and sales.

Inc. 5000 companies hire for positions that foster future growth

As companies that put emphasis on fast growth, Inc. 5000 companies hire talent that can move them in the fast track. Thus, on the business side, they are looking for business and financial analysts. On the engineering side, they are looking for SaaS-related positions, dev ops, IT security and mobile developers.

Inc. 5000 employees are very efficient

America’s fastest growing companies tend to be larger than the average American company with 198 employees, as compared to just 95 for the average company — a 2.1-times increase. However, they still manage to make more revenue per employee — $211,000 per employee in Inc. 5000 companies, as compared to just $112,000 for other companies. This is a nearly 2-fold increase.

Inc. 5000 tend to be in specific industries

Inc. 5000 companies tend to be more heavily weighted towards fast growing industries such as software and Internet, computers, financial services and healthcare. This is in contrast to the overall economy where traditional industries are more prominent — real estate, retail, manufacturing and consumer service.


There are many reasons why Inc. 5000 companies manage to achieve high growth. This research shows that there are some things that set them apart. These include being early adopters of technology to grow their business, focusing on marketing and design, hiring for positions that foster future growth, being efficient and playing in the right industry vertical. Getting all of these things right may not out you on the list, but will give you a great start.

What Makes An Inc. 5000 Company Successful [Infographic]

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