Harness AI to Maximize ROI on Your Largest Marketing Expense!

“We just spent more money on this one conference sponsorship than we did on all our other marketing programs combined. We should have hundreds of qualified leads and countless opportunities!” Ever heard these exclamations before? Having been in the high tech marketing world for 20+ years, I’ve heard it hundreds of times. For over two decades I’ve watched marketing’s thrill of excitement over the number of leads captured turn into a heap of despair, as Sales proclaims these leads are more likely to buy something their grandmother is selling on eBay than the high-value solutions they are offering. That was until I came to Mintigo.

Proper Prioritization

Once the mania of the conference frenzy has settled, and you’ve actually managed to extract your leads from whatever lead service provider was contracted, your top priority is to get these hot off the press leads into the hands of your precious sales teams. In years past this was always when the uproar began. Marketing would excitedly pass the leads to Sales, only to be met with their exasperation as they reported many of the contacts either were not at all qualified, or had no near term plans for purchase. Well, my frustrated friends, I’m here to report there’s a light at the end of this shadowed lead tunnel. By incorporating AI technologies like Mintigo AI into your event management process, your sales teams will be provided with a detailed account of which leads have the highest propensity to buy or turn into opportunities, and which leads you can deprioritize or place in your nurture track. Within mere hours of obtaining your leads from the conference, your marketing team will be able to paint a clear picture of the lead quality based on priceless predictive insights.

Dynamic Data-Driven Conversations

A number of AI solutions stop there, or shortly thereafter, passing along a ranking, but leaving a void as to why the lead received the score it received. This often leads to an erosion of Sales’ faith in the information and thereby their trust in Marketing – two things most companies desperately seek to avoid. Where I witnessed a shift in this dynamic, however, was when I came to Mintigo and heard the sales teams insisting they not be given any leads until they’ve been run through the Mintigo AI engine. Sales actually validating Marketing’s credibility and, dare I say, celebrating their value! Once this data analysis takes place, not only are account executives provided with the previously mentioned rankings, they are provided with rich insights detailing why the lead received this designated ranking. Imagine enabling your reps with knowledge on which accounts are showing intent for your products, or your competitors products, or which accounts are hiring for certain positions versus others. This profoundly empowers sales teams to gain critical insights and conduct substantive conversations, thereby increasing knowledge power, maximizing engagement and measurably impacting the sales cycle. As Monica Behncke from Sirius Decisions cited at this year’s Summit in Vegas “organizations already using AI to perfect their knowledge of their audience have a competitive advantage over less advanced organizations.”

Fabulous Future Investments

Now that Sales and Marketing are tiptoeing through the tulips together, you’re able to turn your cites toward the overall effectiveness of your events. Do you decide to sign that irresistible renewal contract they entice you with by promising double attendance for the following year and a ‘solely for you’ early bird discount, or do you shift your resources to a more promising alternative. Being the experienced marketers that you are, you’re well aware of the endless barrage of event prospectuses circulating every year, each one claiming to have a greater package than the next. Once all the bells and whistles are peeled away, however, the only real shiny prize that matters is the ROI received from the event and the only real truth lives in the data. Many will boast their booths are bigger, their audiences are larger and their entertainment is more dazzling, but where the rubber meets the expo floor is when you review your lead report, enriched with valuable insights, and you see the percentage you’re redirecting to Grandma’s eBay account compared to the percentage of passionate prospects awaiting their armed and ready suitors.

Lisa Riecken


Lisa is Sr. Director of Marketing at Mintigo. She is a highly experienced marketing professional with over 20 years in the high tech and financial sectors. Having played integral roles in launching, growing, and IPOing various startups, Lisa's expertise ranges a wide spectrum across an array of industries. Lisa holds an MBA from University of California at Santa Barbara, and a BS from Syracuse University.