Mintigo Is The Data Brain For Your Oracle Marketing Cloud & Eloqua System

Mintigo is the Data Brain For Oracle Marketing Cloud & Eloqua

Mintigo’s Predictive Lead Scoring and Data Enrichment for Eloqua, an Oracle Marketing AppCloud application, makes it easy for you to get real time predictive lead scoring and data enrichment for all of your contacts directly in Eloqua.

Using predictive analytics and big data from all over the web, Mintigo helps you score, target and engage the right prospects with the right campaigns at the right time.


How does it enhance marketing simplicity?

Because Mintigo’s application has been developed directly on the AppCloud with Oracle, the app runs as a native block within Oracle. In terms of simplicity, this means no costly integration to complete and no long implementation cycles. Mintigo runs as part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud and Eloqua, enabling you to get up and running fast with predictive marketing directly within Eloqua.

Mintigo's Predictive Marketing AppCloud App for Eloqua / Oracle Marketing Cloud

How does Mintigo work with Oracle Marketing Cloud & Eloqua?

Mintigo Plus Eloqua Equals Real Time Predictive Lead Scoring & Data Enrichment

First, we use Mintigo’s vast data to discover your ideal prospect profile. We create an ideal prospect profile by collecting and analyzing publicly available information from all over the web and in your Oracle Marketing Cloud / Eloqua system about your customer. Mintigo calls this unique profile your CustomerDNATM.

Each of your customers is unique. They have distinctive buying signals that are automatically detected and analyzed by the Mintigo machine. We call these signals marketing indicators, or “MI’s”.

These MI’s are a unique capability provided by Mintigo’s machine, and provide your marketing and sales teams with distinctive characteristics of your prospect’s interests and buying cycle. Armed with the new insights based on Mintigo’s marketing indicators, your marketing and sales teams can better target and take sales discussions to a more strategic level.

Behavioral scoring is a necessary part of lead generation, but is a very narrow window on the complete picture of customer interests and characteristics. Mintigo’s predictive marketing helps you target the prospects most likely to buy from you by generating priorities with predictive lead scoring based on your CustomerDNA and the Mintigo marketing indicators. Mintigo uses real-time predictive scoring to identify the prospects most likely to buy your product within your Oracle Marketing Cloud Eloqua system so that you know the best prospects to target.

Now you are ready for engagement through Oracle Marketing Cloud and Eloqua. With this information you can run campaigns to engage the right prospects with the right message through your Eloqua using Cloud Actions, Feeders & Decisions.


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John Bara


John Bara is the CMO & President of Mintigo, a leading enterprise predictive marketing platform. He specializes in fast growth marketing with 25 years as an executive in Silicon Valley. Prior to Mintigo, John held CMO and SVP of Marketing roles at companies including XenSource (acquired by Citrix for $500M), Interwoven, Thismoment, and Genesys Telecommunications Labs (IPO, acquired by Alcatel for $2B). John also held a variety of marketing and finance management positions in the microprocessor business unit at Intel Corporation. John holds an MBA degree from Harvard Business School, and a BA from Oberlin College.