Mintigo Decodes the DNA of US Politics

Republicans and Democrats are in a heated battle for influence over key swing states and voter demographics. Both parties are bombarding the public with talking points and commercials. As they energize their bases and target swing voters, Republicans and Democrats are differing wildly in terms of both the language they choose and the topics they address.

Mintigo’s research shows we can gauge those differences scientifically by evaluating the word clusters and topics used by Republican and Democratic candidates on their campaign websites. For this report, we used Mintigo’s Customer Search Engine™ to scour 519 websites associated with the campaigns of candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives — 258 associated with Democrats and 261 with Republicans.


Results show that Republican candidates, who espouse themes of fiscal responsibility, were more than twice as likely as Democrats to closely associate words “budget,” “taxes,” “cut,” “debt,” “jobs,” “balance” and “reduce.” In fact, among the 50 websites where those words appeared the most, 47 were for Republican candidates. For their part, Democratic candidates were nearly two and a half times as likely as Republicans to cluster the words “education,” “Medicare,” “seniors” and “veterans,” demonstrating their party’s concern for safety net and social programs.

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Ariel Geifman


Ariel Geifman is the Director of Marketing at Mintigo. In his role, Ariel provides advice and insights on performance outbound and inbound marketing, email marketing, lead nurturing and marketing automation. Ariel authored numerous reports that were widely quoted throughout industry blogs and publications including eMarketer, Mediaweek, Adotas, DM News, and eConsultantcy among others. Prior to Mintigo, Ariel worked for DG, a leading advertising technology provider. He holds an MBA from the Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia. Ariel can be reached at