Mintigo’s New Data Release: More Global, More Intent

In a new data release, Mintigo has made a giant leap forward by significantly augmenting its international data and by developing new Marketing Indicators that show buyer intent.

Mintigo Data Cycle Q3 2015

Mintigo’s data transforms the way our clients engage with prospects and customers — data makes the sales process a lot more effective and efficient.

As the US economy represents about one-fifth of the world economy, it made sense for Mintigo to begin with the development of robust predictive marketing capabilities around US-based companies.

Increased International Data Coverage

However, many of our clients work internationally. They get leads and inquiries from all around the world and they would like to leverage the same predictive marketing technology globally. This is why we focused on greatly expanding our international data this quarter.

Overall, we increased our data covering the EMEA region by over 72%, the APAC region by 60%, and the North America region by 40%. This new and robust data coverage can help companies apply the same principles of vigorous and quantitative marketing and sales programs across their marketing organization worldwide.

New Buyer Intent Data

Another significant addition to our data coverage is the new interest-based data that signal buyer intent. Today, many of the Marketing Indicators look for clues of account-fit, such as use of technologies, demographics, or hiring.

To complement this, our new buyer intent Marketing Indicators look for active clues for intent to purchase. These include web activity around keywords, web browsing, and clicks from the company IP address in order to understand what people in the company are interested in.

What’s Coming Next?

In the next release we will be focusing on creating new, powerful marketing indicators for the finance, civil engineering, and legal vertical. Furthermore, we will dive deeper into insights that we can extract from job boards. This data source, in which companies announce to the world which parts of the organization will be accommodating new employees and with what skills, is an important signal. We intend to take this signal and make it even more powerful by making it time-based so that you’ll be able to decipher the entire hiring story of the company.

Data transforms marketing — better, more robust data is a huge advantage to marketers. We are confident that with the new international data and intent to purchase signals, we will continue to revolutionize and produce even more powerful data to help our clients achieve greater marketing effectiveness.


Mintigo’s New Data Release: More Global, More Intent [Infographic]

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Eilat Ari


Eilat is a Data and Research Product Manager at Mintigo. In her role, Eilat leads the envisioning and development of new data capabilities that help marketers drive new insights, execute better campaigns and increase ROI. Her expertise includes machine learning, statistics and data modeling.