Predictive Analytics Exposes Digital DNA of Salesforce Users


San Francisco during Dreamforce is like Disneyland for business executives. There is plenty of entertainment (U2 is playing this year), fun and some long lines too. More than 150,000 guests attend the event in downtown San Francisco. Who are these people, really? What are some of the common attributes of the Salesforce community? What can predictive analytics reveal about Salesforce users? Mintigo ran a predictive model for the digital DNA of a Salesforce user.

The results of the Mintigo predictive analysis are quite revealing. Some of the key attributes of the Salesforce community:

  • Revenue Mix is dominated by SMB. Nearly 80% of companies who use have annual revenue between $1M and $50M.
  • Vertical Industry is led by software. More than 50% of the companies using are either in the industry of Software, Business Services or Media & Internet.
  • Marketing Automation Adoption is high. More than 35% of Salesforce users also use a marketing automation platform. Pardot is the most popular marketing automation platform among users with 60% adoption, followed by Marketo with 16% and Eloqua with 13%.
  • Hiring 2X more in Marketing and Sales. Not Surprisingly, Salesforce customers hire marketing and sales at 2X the typical rate; 72% of companies using have sales reps as compared to only 36% of other US companies. users also tend to hire more marketing, IT, engineering and operations.
  • Technology indicators show high adoption of analytics. Google Analytics is the most popular tool among companies that use with 75% adoption. .Net, Windows Server, Oracle and VMware have over 30% adoption.
  • Hiring categories. Nearly 40% of companies hired Agile Developers, Business Analysts, or Business Applications experts in the past year. Other job hiring includes engineers, human resources and customer service.

Here are the findings in the full infographic below.

The DNA of Salesforce Users

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John Bara


John Bara is the CMO & President of Mintigo, a leading enterprise predictive marketing platform. He specializes in fast growth marketing with 25 years as an executive in Silicon Valley. Prior to Mintigo, John held CMO and SVP of Marketing roles at companies including XenSource (acquired by Citrix for $500M), Interwoven, Thismoment, and Genesys Telecommunications Labs (IPO, acquired by Alcatel for $2B). John also held a variety of marketing and finance management positions in the microprocessor business unit at Intel Corporation. John holds an MBA degree from Harvard Business School, and a BA from Oberlin College.