The REAL Reasons I Joined Mintigo

Like many of you, I’ve had the privilege of working for some great technology companies. My career has been in sales – as an account executive, and sales leader – at places like Oracle, Marketo and Lithium Technologies-  helping businesses apply technology to address the very real business challenges and opportunities the modern digital world presents.  I’ve worked alongside some truly amazing leaders, co-workers and customers – all of whom I respect immensely.



I think of my career in sales as a journey and continuous education that brings new challenges every day, and any rewards and success I’ve had are owed to Trust.  Sure, selling is about driving revenue, but for me, the magic has been in the relationships and trust which are built in the process.  These things sustain far beyond contract signatures and deals closed.  Trust takes time to build and is easily lost – it’s about transparency and delivering what you promised, it’s where actions meet words. It’s about being REAL.

So, when I consider any career change, I look for a culture that’s built around transparency, trust, fulfilling promises, and customer success.  These are non-negotiables – table stakes for me.  I dig deep to validate that the business challenge, technology and people are REAL.

I recently joined Mintigo where I’m leading sales.  For those of you that haven’t heard of Mintigo, it’s a SaaS-based platform which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics to identify accounts and leads that are a great fit for your business/products.

  1. Business challenge – What specific, top-of-mind challenge are businesses facing?

I’ve long believed that “AI” will change our world, and you can’t go far nowadays without hearing about it.

The topic nearly dominated the 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos.  According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai:  “AI is going to be more important than humanity’s mastery of fire or electricity”.

According to McKinsey:  “In the next five years, we believe that the fastest-growing companies will be using advanced analytics and machine learning to address fundamental strategic issues, such as what sales opportunities to pursue, what resources to allocate to which accounts, and what behaviors to prioritize to drive sales productivity”.

We know that marketing and sales teams invest heavily pursuing accounts and leads that aren’t necessarily the right fit, or aren’t ready.  Additionally, many great fit accounts/lead who are ready, are often missed.  The business impact of these wasted efforts, and missed opportunities is tremendous.  The challenge is REAL and Mintigo solves for this by enabling your marketing and sales teams to engage intelligently, with laser precision.

  1. Technology – Does it deliver outcomes as advertised, and is differentiated for success?

I’ve literally been blown away by what I’ve seen and learned  The founders of Mintigo are data scientists who served with Israel’s 8200 intelligence unit – one of the best intelligence gathering apparatus’ in the world (similar to the US NSA).  They have essentially repurposed this science and technology for application in modern B2B world, and done so in a way to seamlessly integrate with existing Martech landscape (CRM, MAP, ABM…).  Think of it as having the power of a team of data analysts and a firehose of validated company and intent data at the fingertips of you marketing and sales teams. The technology is REAL, and not something you can build in your garage ;-).

  1. People – Are they obsessed with customer success?

Across the board, team is amazing.  It’s a mix of data scientists, product and marketing experts with real world experience in their disciplines.  The respect for our customers, and personal investment their success literally pours over in every internal call I’ve been on.  Our customers love us for this.  The people are REAL!

Our customer success team is made up of former marketers, who have experience in advanced B2B marketing, ABM and leveraging predictive technology. This skill set enables them to relate with and solve the challenges of our customers together in a scalable, sustainable and strategic way.

So, that’s why I’m thrilled to be here at Mintigo – IT’s REAL.  I encourage you to check us out or reach out direct to me any time.


Tim Long


Head of Sales at Mintigo. Sales leader with over 20 years of experience in companies like Marketo, Oracle, AT&T and more.