Why Select A Predictive Marketing Solution? (Part 1 of 5)

Pipeline Management 101

Modern marketers realize the challenge of updating their database. With hundreds, thousands, and even millions of leads flowing through their platform many marketers are realizing they need to score leads. But traditional lead scoring isn’t enough since it’s based on limited information and assumptions.

Rather than hiring a data scientist (which are in very short supply and garner top salaries to create their own algorithms and systems), some B2B marketers are turning to predictive marketing for help.

Predictive Marketing Can Help You:

1) Create better personas

Rich data enables you to build rich customer profiles, and to segment leads into those personas. Predictive marketing is used by advanced B2C marketers such as Amazon or Netflix to build highly tailored offerings. The big data behind predictive marketing enables B2B marketers to gain deep insights into their buyer profiles and make real time marketing decisions based on data.

2) Better prioritize activities with predictive scores

Predictive marketing can find the golden nuggets hiding in your lead funnel. You can decide on which leads need more nurturing, which are ready to be sent directly to sales, and which don’t really qualify for your company.

3) Obtain insights with enriched account data for more relevant messaging and offers

Better data means better messaging and higher engagement. Just as B2C marketers use rich data about consumers in order to gain insight and provide better offers, B2B marketers can now realize the same proven method. By knowing more about your prospects you can create better content and engage your leads better.

Because there are a number of different offerings in the market, marketers should compare different solutions in order to decide the best fit for their specific needs.

To help you through the comparison process the four successive posts will be dedicated to:

1) How to Set Predictive Marketing Goals
2) What to Look for When Selecting a Vendor
3) Deconstructing the Predictive Marketing POC Process
4) Three Critical Steps To Be Mindful of During the Predictive Marketing POC

These steps serves as an outline of how to test a predictive marketing solution to qualify and select a vendor. Stay tuned to learn more.

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Tal Segalov


Tal is a Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Mintigo. He brings more than 15 years of experience in software development. Prior to Mintigo, Tal was AVP Research and Development for modu, the modular mobile handset company. His previous experience includes developing complex, large scale data analysis systems. He holds a B.Sc. EE and a B.A in Physics from the Technion – Israel’s leading school of technology. He also holds an executive MBA from Tel Aviv University.