Why We Decided to Build MintigoAI

You asked, we listened, and we built!

Today, we are proud to announce the launch of MintigoAI, an intelligent customer engagement platform that puts the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in your hands. Months of research, feedback gathering and development have gone into this new suite of solutions, and I couldn’t be happier to make this available to our customers.

Introducing MintigoAI

Here are the reasons and the gaps in the market that have fueled the thinking, strategy, and hard work behind this launch:

1. High-definition view of your customers – fit indicators

To plan, strategize and execute B2B marketing effectively in today’s world, marketers need a high-definition view of their customers, also known as the ideal customer profile (ICP). Using AI and predictive analytics, we built MintigoAI to mine billions of data points and identify the set of insights that make a company’s actual customers unique. These insights range from hiring patterns to technology installs to firmographic data, and much more. The result of this process is the ICP, which MintigoAI uses to identify right targets within existing marketing databases and proactively discover new high-propensity targets that display the ICP characteristics.

2. High-definition view of your customers journey on third-party websites – intent signals

In today’s market, demographic information and fit indicators are just part of the complete marketing puzzle. In order to have a complete 360° view of your customers, you need visibility not only to the right ICP, but also to those that are showing buying intent. Intent signals tell you what topics accounts are searching for on third-party websites and if there’s a surge of interest in a certain topic. We now leverage the richest and most accurate global sources for intent in the industry, which makes our breadth of data unique in the market. Imagine knowing if your top accounts are searching for your solutions or your competitors’ solutions at your fingertips – that is the kind of knowledge we wanted to provide to our customers.

3. High-definition view of your customers’ journey on your website – Buying Stages

Beyond just intent signals, we wanted to provide insights on which leads and accounts are showing buying potential and interest for our customers’ products. Leveraging machine learning, we have been able to take thousands of data points and categorize them into three distinct stages: Target (based on fit), Awareness (based on intent), and Consideration (based on behavior). Our solution takes the aggregate actions of leads in a certain account and designates a stage to that account. Additionally, while marketing automation platforms can provide insights about activities for known leads, there is 10x as much traffic from anonymous visitors on your website, so we built MintigoAI to incorporate your anonymous web traffic, too.

4. A complete and easy-to-use solution

The B2B marketing funnel is central to many a framework adopted by companies selling to other businesses. Marketers need solutions for all stages of the funnel – top, mid, bottom – to drive qualified leads, opportunities and ultimately, closed-won deals. From our research, solutions that offer a breadth of capabilities to address a wide range of initiatives are more successful than solutions that are more specialized. MintigoAI hence supports full-funnel marketing and sales use cases – from driving new pipeline, to scoring and prioritizing accounts, to enriching leads for effective cross-sell and upsell. Moreover, marketers have too many information sources, with data including firmographic, technographic, social, intent, all coming from different places in different formats. MintigoAI collects billions of data points daily and analyzes all to generate the insights you need – fit indicators and intent signals all accessible, all unlimited, in a single, unified platform.

5. Simple, real-time integration

The marketing technology landscape today, although ever-expanding, is fragmented. Individually, many solutions do the job well, but when we look at the tech stack of marketing departments, many platforms somewhat operate in silos with a lack of cohesion. Ensuring that MintigoAI supports integrations with key marketing automation (MAP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems was foundational to this project. Data is passed and updated in real-time across platforms for seamless execution of marketing programs. No boundaries, no limitations.

Innovation is at the core of the Mintigo DNA. I am honored to roll out this best-in-class solution to help our customers succeed, no matter what their specific objectives are. As a team, we look forward to taking MintigoAI to the market and the wonderful journey we are sharing into the future.

Jacob Shama


Dr. Jacob Shama is Co-Founder and CEO of Mintigo, which provides customer intelligence to the world's leading B2B companies. Dr. Shama has more than 20 years of executive experience in the fields of Information Technology and Communications, specializing in big data.