Go beyond just keeping your customers. Grow with them

Mintigo perfects your knowledge of your customers, allowing you to discover and analyze opportunities to upsell and cross sell through multiple predictive models covering all your products/solutions. Because you understand not only the qualities of ideal customers, but also their current and potential behavior, you save time and resources on doing market research and strategic analysis with Customer Marketing Upsell and Cross Sell.



In addition to building models that focus on propensity to buy, with Mintigo you can also build churn models to identify at-risk customers. This enables your Customer Success team to engage those customers to retain them.┬áMintigoAI has applications across the the buyer lifecycle – from the time they start showing interest in your solutions, until the time they become a customer and far beyond. With the ability to build multiple models, you can focus on different stages of the lifecycle to ensure increasing revenue and growth.


  • Know exactly which customers are showing intent for which products
  • Build churn models to identify at-risk customers for retention strategies
  • Drive more business from existing customers through strategic upsell and cross sell