Neustar Chooses Mintigo’s Predictive Marketing Solution to Energize Lead Generation Process


“Mintigo is helping us find all the golden needles in our haystack of prospect data.”

– Lisa Joy Rosner, CMO at Neustar

Lisa Joy Rosner, Neustar

With multiple products that address different industries and markets, it can be hard to know which offer will engage which lead. Enter predictive marketing. By enriching leads with robust and continuously updated data from the web and creating powerful segmentations, it is possible to address each lead with the offer that is most likely to resonate with him or her. In addition, predictive lead scoring helps to identify the highest value leads, which are most likely to convert.

Neustar is a leader in real-time, cloud-based information and analysis to the Internet, telecom, financial, media and advertising, and retail industries. Serving six different industries, the company was looking for a way to increase engagement by providing leads and prospects with marketing assets and offers that are most likely to resonate with them. In addition, Neustar wanted to identify the leads that are most likely to convert while arming sales with the information that they need on every prospect.

After examining several predictive marketing vendors, Neustar chose Mintigo as their predictive marketing solution. The project included several objectives:

  • Strategic: Increase outbound marketing efforts and increase marketing’s contribution to revenue. In addition, improve sales/marketing alignment by providing better leads.
  • Operational: Identify ideal customer profiles and segments and enrich CRM data with robust and updated data from the web.
  • Results: Increase conversion rate and drive new insights from the marketing team.

Neustar leveraged Mintigo’s solutions to achieve the following:

#SDSummit 2015 Presentation: Neustar Case Study

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  • Lead enrichment: Enrich its database with robust and updated information on leads. This data was mined from the web and merged with Neustar’s CRM data.
  • Provide relevant information to sales: Give sales reps access to relevant information about their prospects such as company details, social presence, job hiring, web, IT, marketing, and payment technologies that were crucial for accurate prospecting of leads.
  • Lead scoring: Identify and score leads with the highest likelihood to convert and the highest deal value. Unlike traditional lead scoring, predictive lead scoring uses statistical models to predict outcomes rather than simple rules of thumb.

With multiple products for six different industries and hundreds of thousands of leads, channeling each lead to the right marketing program or the right sales rep at the right time is too complex for one person (or several). Using Mintigo’s predictive marketing, Neustar leveraged continuously updated big data to get more insights, target leads with relevant content, and score leads with the highest likelihood to convert.