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“Demystifying Predictive Lead Scoring”

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As B2B marketers, we know that lead scoring is a valuable method to identify the leads that are most valuable to our organization.

Yet, most of us do not know whether, or to what extent, lead scores correspond to lead conversion through the demand waterfall or sales funnel. This is because most of the lead scoring models that we set up in our marketing automation platforms are based on gut instinct, intuition, and guesswork.

Enter predictive lead scoring. You’ve heard it mentioned amongst your peers, talked about at marketing conferences, and perhaps even read some blog posts about it. But what exactly is predictive lead scoring, how does it differ from “traditional” lead scoring, and why should you care?

We’ve invited the experts at SiriusDecisions to join us in this webinar as we unravel the mystery behind predictive lead scoring. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What predictive (anything) really means
  • Why current lead scoring models may not be enough
  • How statistics enable insight and prediction
  • How predictive lead scoring improves lead quality

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About The Speakers:

Kerry Cunningham, SiriusDecisions SiriusDecisions Logo

Kerry Cunningham, Research Director at SiriusDecisions

As vice president of operations for a leading b-to-b teleservices organization for more than 15 years, Kerry has been a thought leader in the design and implementation of inside sales, tele-prospecting, telemarketing and processes and teams for a wide array of b-to-b products, solutions and services. From more than a decade spent straddling the fence between marketing and sales, Kerry has also developed a wealth of experience expertise in the alignment of marketing and sales organizations. Along the way, Kerry has developed implemented lead management processes for many of the world’s most prominent b-to-b brands, amassing substantial real-world expertise in lead acquisition, governance and propensity modeling.

Follow Kerry on Twitter at @KerrySirius.

Tony Yang, MintigoMintigo Logo

Tony Yang, VP of Demand at Mintigo

Tony’s career includes marketing leadership and consulting roles at several early stage SaaS startups as well as at large enterprises such as IBM and Microsoft. His interests include B2B marketing, growth hacking and USC Football. Tony holds an MBA from the University of Southern California and BA in Economics and Chinese Studies from the UC San Diego.

Follow Tony on Twitter at @tones810.