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Knowing where your target leads and accounts are in the funnel, and how fit your solutions are to their needs, helps you get to your best customers faster. Fit & Buying Stage Prioritization empowers you with information on not only who to target but also who to prioritize among your list of prospects.


Fit & buying stages

After you’ve identified your ICP, it is important to be able to target those accounts when they are ready to engage. Your marketing automation platform provides insights about activities for known leads, but there is 10x more traffic from anonymous visitors on your website. Therefore, it is important to track and analyze first-party website data to determine the stage of your prospect — Target, Awareness, or Consideration.


  • Know exactly when to target your top customers and prospects
  • Prioritize leads and accounts based on rich data beyond just demographic information
  • Expand your reach by tapping into unknown prospects in addition to your known accounts and leads