Understand buyer needs and preferences. Master the engagement.

Mintigo enables you to deliver personalized customer experiences at scale. Knowing your ICP and product needs and interests, Insight-Driven Engagement allows you to develop richer personas for more attuned and targeted messaging, effective segmentation, and relevant nurture tracks. With AI, you can approach your target customers around their needs consistently across their buying journey.



With behavioral, fit and intent data at your fingertips, you can determine how exactly to segment your database and inform your messaging. Whether it is based on their buying stage or technology installs, you have the ability to tailor your communications to your segments. You can take your nurture programs to another level with relevant insights that are updated in real-time. Besides marketing teams, the value of these insights extends to the sales teams as well. See how MintigoAI is a powerful sales enablement tool.


  • Nurture your target audience throughout their lifecycle based on their interests and buying stages
  • Inform your messaging and communication strategy with your prospects
  • Engage your prospects more effectively with marketing insights




"We have managed to enrich our account and lead data tremendously with relevant insights from Mintigo. This has taken a lot of guesswork out of our marketing."

- Kip Parent

VP Oracle Application Labs