AI for Sales

Give Sales Unfair Advantage with Mintigo Predictive Sales CoachTM

Make your CRM system more intelligent. Mintigo Sales Coach enables the delivery of actionable sales intelligence based on AI and predictive analytics to help sales sell smarter and win more than their fair share of deals.

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Provide Unfair Advantage to Your Sales Reps

Be first to know who’s in the market looking to buy before your competitors. Mintigo delivers deep, qualified insights automatically and in real time to help you know the business problem before the first meeting.


  • Understand your prospect’s needs
  • Insights allow more time for deeper discovery
  • Quickly find who is likely to buy
  • Discover what are they likely to buy

Drive Sales Plays via Dynamic Personas

Predictive analytics and AI enable Intelligent Sales Engagement-truly a smarter way to target and sell. Create persona driven dynamic sales plays. Provide your sellers with the most appropriate sales plays, battle cards, sales assets and positioning guidelines as defined dynamically by the characteristics of the account. Identify best products for prospects with highest propensity to buy; and cross-sell/up-sell opportunities with current clients.


  • Right conversation with the right person every time
  • Timely content aligned with specific persona type
  • Monitor and tune content with sales feedback
  • Consistent message delivery across sales

Get Real-time Alerts

Systematically know when an account is in-market to purchase, even when you are  mobile.Intent
data reveals who is in the market searching for your product or service and those of your competitors.


  • Always be the first to the deals
  • Proactive interactions vs. reactive
  • Never miss a deal in your territory
  • Be alerted when a prospect looks at a competitor

Educate to Ramp Quickly and On Message

Control the quality and consistency of message delivery by the field. Improve scalability and sustainability of your sales team. Ramp new hires faster.


  • Improve knowledge retention with just-in-time training
  • Improve rep productivity
  • Prevent rep churn
  • Faster time to revenue

Improve Sales Productivity

Automates prep work, faster time to contact the prospect. Increase sales velocity with modular content message tied to business need. Make sales “audible ready” to dynamically grow deal size.


  • Single pane of glass for sales success
  • Improved knowledge transfer and increased prospect consumption
  • Increase sales velocity and deal sizes
  • Reduce manual research, maximize time with customer

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