Mintigo to Join the Anaplan Family

Connecting data and insights to help companies simplify and navigate complex business processes is at the heart of everything we do at Anaplan, and it is with excitement that we welcome Mintigo into the Anaplan family.

Mintigo’s platform transforms the unknown into actionable intelligence with real-time, relevant, and forward-looking customer insights. The future opportunities and combined potential ahead of us are extraordinary — something our joint Anaplan and Mintigo teams are exceedingly enthusiastic about.

While the capabilities of Mintigo’s AI technology are undoubtedly impressive, it is the exceptional talent and culture of the Mintigo team that we are most excited about. A culture centered around innovation, continuous learning, and its people, the Mintigo culture aligns flawlessly with the culture we have at Anaplan.

Anaplan and Mintigo share in the same relentless passion for serving our customers.  As we look forward to providing our current and new customers with an enhanced Connected Planning portfolio, there are a few key items we want to assure Mintigo’s existing customers:

  • We will continue to provide high quality data insights. We aim to make your experience informative, fluid, and without disruption.
  • We will continue to sell, support and enhance Mintigo’s AI platform. Additional joint offerings will continue to be released as we move forward.
  • We look forward to sharing much more with you over the coming months, especially around new solutions and integrations.

Together we stand behind our commitment of contributing to your utmost success with all of our offerings. Bringing Mintigo into the Anaplan family will further support its AI technology and accelerate future innovation. As always, we are available for any questions you have.


Parvesh Sethi

VP, Commercial Solutions
Anaplan, Inc.

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