Mintigo is honored to be one of the 5 inaugural Marketo Accelerate partners

Mintigo’s Solution for Marketo utilizes the power of AI and predictive analytics to score your leads and named accounts within Marketo in real-time. Mintigo leverages your data such as past marketing behaviors and combines it with vast Mintigo database with global reach to enable multi-dimensional predictive scoring. As a certified LaunchPoint partner, Mintigo’s native integration with Marketo extends the value of Mintigo predictive marketing and AI directly into your Marketo-based marketing workflows, smart campaigns, and lead management processes.


  • Quick and easy implementation with no impact on API calls
  • Improved database quality
  • Unlimited access to data insights

Segment Your Audience

Great campaigns starts with the right audience selection. Spray and pray e-mail blasts or cold calling campaigns are no longer acceptable. Mintigo’s Predictive platform empowers you to create precision segments for every campaign including Marketo ABM campaigns. Real-time data enrichment enables you to dynamically segment using Marketo Smart Lists and engage your prospects with relevant messages.


  • Build precision segments using any predictive insight
  • Real-time insights for just-in-time engagement
  • Data driven smart campaigns

Engage Intelligently with Multi-Channel Campaigns

Mintigo helps you identify your entire total addressable market (TAM) for each product and service. With predictive insights, you can discover your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) so that you can deeply understand why are certain accounts or leads are your best prospects. You can then target the right prospects with the right messages across channels.

If you are following an ABM approach, you need to start with an intelligently selected list of target accounts and right contacts who are most likely to buy your product and services to see success. Then, with the predictive insights automatically enriching your records in Marketo in real-time, you can then engage your best prospects more intelligently across tactics that are enabled through Marketo.


  • Discover your Total Addressable Market
  • Engage prospects with relevant messages
  • Get most out of your ABM investment

Mintigo at Marketo Marketing Nation 2018