Mintigo’s Solution for Oracle utilizes the power of AI and predictive analytics to score your leads, contacts, accounts within Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Sales Cloud in real-time. Native integrations with Eloqua and Oracle Sales Cloud let you extend the value of predictive marketing and sales directly into your marketing & sales workflows, campaigns, and lead management processes.


  • Quick and easy implementation with native applications
  • Drag and drop the Mintigo app within campaign and program canvas
  • Unlimited access to data insights for both marketing & sales

Segment your Audience & Build Your ABM Strategy

Great campaigns starts with right audience selection. Spray and pray is no longer acceptable. Mintigo Predictive platform empower you to create precision segments for every business need. Real-time data enrichment enables you to dynamically segment and engage your prospects with relevant messages within Eloqua and Oracle Sales Cloud.


  • Build precision segments using any predictive insight
  • Real-time insights for just-in-time engagement
  • Data driven marketing nurtures and sales conversations

Engage in Intelligent Conversations

Provide unfair advantage to your sales with the Mintigo’s Predictive Sales CoachTM directly into your Oracle Sales Cloud. Provide your sellers with the most appropriate sales plays, battle cards, sales assets and positioning guidelines as defined dynamically by the characteristics of the account and person. Identify best products for prospects with highest propensity to buy; and cross-sell/up-sell opportunities with current clients.


  • Quickly find who is likely to buy
  • Discover what are they likely to buy
  • Right conversation with the right person every time

Mintigo at Oracle Modern Customer Experience 2018