Mintigo Introduces InterestBase™ Platform That Solves The 1% Response Problem in Marketing

Cloud-based platform uses big data analytics to monitor a company’s prospects and discover relevant interests

Top B2B marketers select InterestBase to find and reach new customers

San Francisco, CA – June 11, 2013 – Mintigo today introduced the InterestBase™, a cloud-based marketing intelligence platform that helps sales and marketing teams identify and reach their ideal prospects. The InterestBase searches the big data of the web to match a company’s prospects with products and offers. By sending the right message to the right person at the right time, companies increase response rates by 2-4X.

The Mintigo InterestBase searches public, unstructured data from sources across the web and social profiles, using big data analytics to extract actionable insights about a company’s prospects. It is the only cloud-based platform to search continuously for a company’s “total prospect universe”, moving names on and off the list as interests change. Each prospect is then scored against thousands of relevant business interests. This allows a marketer to predict who is likely to click an email or read a webpage before sending a campaign. In the same way, it also helps sales teams predict who is most likely to buy and what messages will engage.

“The InterestBase knows your next customer before you do,” says Dr. Jacob Shama, CEO of Mintigo. “Marketers don’t suffer from a lack of data, but they do struggle to make sense of it all. Marketers shouldn’t have to be experts in big data analytics, so we automate the entire process from data collection to natural language processing and regression, and we boil all that down to something simple:  a person’s business needs and interests.”

The InterestBase monitors 3 million B2B companies in North America and 30 million contacts associated with those companies. Every week it updates between 500,000 – 750,000 profiles on behalf of Mintigo customers. By analyzing patterns across multiple sources, Mintigo finds unique information that was previously too laborious to collect, including:

  • All accounts likely to buy a specific product
  • Key personas most likely to respond to a campaign
  • Technology usage and preferences
  • Org chart composition, and indications of hiring and growth
  • Key influencers and membership in social communities
  • Content being shared by prospects

The information in the InterestBase is available to improve any B2B marketing program:

1) Marketing automation systems such as Eloqua, Marketo and Pardot source prospect names, grouping them into precise segments

2) CRM systems like Salesforce display rich lead profiles and scoring to sales reps

3) Websites with lead forms can enrich, score, and route inbound prospects

4) Pay-per-click ad campaigns on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Bizo reach custom audiences with specific interests

Every Campaign Makes the InterestBase Smarter

The Mintigo InterestBase only collects data that proves helpful in boosting campaigns. To do so, it watches each campaign for patterns in who responds versus who does not. It may notice, for example, that a campaign succeeds with managers at companies hiring IT positions with .NET skills. Going forward, the InterestBase will then watch for that signal across the entire universe of prospects. With every campaign, the InterestBase learns how better to reach prospects.

Leading Marketers Choose Mintigo

Electronic signature leader DocuSign uses the InterestBase to match prospects to the best nurture campaign. Meagen Eisenberg, VP of Demand Generation, says “DocuSign markets to well over 1.5 million prospects who have visited our website. And we use marketing automation to reach prospects with relevant messaging. But with our top of the funnel leads, we usually do not know enough about that person’s business or needs. The Mintigo InterestBase helps DocuSign identify who belongs to what segment, which allows us to route prospects to the best campaign. It’s like an air traffic controller for better marketing.”   

SmartBear, a rapidly-growing provider of software development, testing, performance and post-deployment monitoring tools, had a challenge of matching prospects to its 17 different products. According to CMO Jeanne Hopkins, it wasn’t possible to solve the challenge with “dinosaur data” like SIC codes. “We love Mintigo’s vision for the InterestBase and our team is already using it to predict which web visitors are likely to buy which of our core software tools. It’s like having a research and marketing operations team rolled into one. We are learning about every prospect before we send a single email. Utilizing InterestBase will accelerate our entire sales and marketing funnel.”

The InterestBase will be available this month.

About Mintigo

The Mintigo marketing intelligence platform continuously searches the big data of the web and social profiles to help marketers find and engage their best prospects. Mintigo analyzes the needs and interests of 30 million B2B prospects, so marketers and sales reps can engage each prospect with the right message and product. Companies like Box, BMC, Cloudera, DocuSign, and Edmunds use Mintigo to get more clicks, more shares, and more pipeline. To learn more follow @mintigo and visit

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