Mintigo Launches Predictive Marketing University

Predictive Marketing Technology Company Publishes Market’s First Free Courses Designed to Educate Sales and Marketing Teams on Data-driven Strategies

San Mateo, Calif. – February 9, 2015 – Mintigo, a leading enterprise predictive marketing platform company, today announced the launch of Predictive Marketing University (PMU): a new online instructional platform geared toward educating B2B marketing teams about predictive marketing and the application of big data.

Predictive marketing utilizes vast amounts of data and complex algorithms to predict which marketing actions have a high probability to succeed and which ones will likely fail. Predictive marketing has played an integral role in the growth and success of companies like Netflix, Amazon and even Oracle’s Marketing Cloud and Eloqua system, which uses Mintigo’s data-brain for its new AppCloud.

“B2B salespeople and marketers face a wide range of challenges with respect to the identification of good customers,” said Jacob Shama, CEO and Founder of Mintigo. “Of those challenges, none is greater than identifying the right time to make the right offer to the right customer across the buyer journey. By launching PMU, we aim to help organizations develop their own ‘GPS for customers’ in order to identify their fastest route to revenue by capitalizing on the advancements we’ve made in predictive marketing and big data analysis.”

Predictive Marketing University will offer specialized online courses on the components of predictive marketing, its real-world applications, as well as provide tools and resources to help incorporate these concepts into organizations’ current marketing and sales strategies.

For more information, please visit Mintigo’s Predictive Marketing University site.


About Mintigo:
Mintigo is the leader in enterprise predictive marketing. Mintigo’s machine learning model uses big data and predictive analysis to discover ideal prospects, personalize content for lead nurturing, and provides insights that shorten the sales cycle. Mintigo’s predictive marketing platform helps enterprise marketing and sales teams find buyers faster. Enterprise companies including Red Hat, Seagate, DocuSign, SolarWinds and Neustar work with Mintigo to use predictive marketing to find buyers faster. To learn more, please visit