Mintigo Predictive Audiences

AI-Empowered ABM for Marketo

Nothing is more critical to ABM than targeting the right accounts. As Marketo’s trusted partner, Mintigo delivers high-value, quality audiences to you to close bigger deals faster. Read on to learn more about Mintigo Predictive Audiences powered by AI!

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Identify your ideal customer profile (ICP)

Mintigo’s artificial intelligence (AI) platform predicts the performance of your existing accounts based on first and third-party data. With thousands of marketing indicators enriching each account, you will have actionable insights to segment and target your audiences at your fingertips.

Prioritize your highest value accounts

Within seconds, Mintigo Predictive Audiences scores your account list based on propensity to close, deal size, or your other objectives. Your entire list will be ranked from A-D, with predicted lifts in success rates for accounts in each rank.

"It is great to see two of the most innovative players in MarTech come together. Mintigo Predictive Audiences adds a predictive layer on Marketo’s product suite, making it easier for marketers to drive success with ABM.”

Mike Goldgof
Vice President, Marketing at WhiteHat Security

Discover and target net new accounts

Beyond scoring your existing accounts, Mintigo Predictive Audiences also generates high-value net new account lists that you can target through Marketo. You can now have the power to bolster your database and segment and target these audiences with precision through ABM.

Enjoy our seamless integration with the Marketo platform

With our native integration with Marketo, you will be able to target the right accounts through various Marketo solutions – the Engagement Platform, Marketo ABM and Marketo Web Personalization. Enjoy running end-to-end ABM seamlessly through our connected systems.

“Marketers are spending a lot of resources and efforts on implementing ABM. The one key missing ingredient is the discovery and targeting of the right audience. This is where AI and Mintigo Predictive Audiences can make a huge difference in driving the best quality audiences for each ABM campaign.”

Jacob Shama
CEO and Co-founder at Mintigo