Whether it’s your existing market or a new one,
drive more with less

Mintigo applies data science and machine learning to proactively find new targets and accounts both in your current and new markets. Our platform enriches and enhances your database in real-time, constantly refining your ICP and its insights. Scaling is more efficient and effective as high-value customers in your existing market lead you to best-fit leads and accounts with the same characteristics in any of your target market.



With net new accounts and leads to target, along with rich data and key insights you have on them, you can generate increased new pipeline for your business. Based on your ideal customer profile (ICP), you can focus on accounts that are the most strategic and bring the most value to your business. By focusing on the top accounts, you can accelerate opportunity creation, shorten sales cycles as well as increase deal sizes.


  • Scale your sales and marketing efforts with net new accounts and leads to target
  • Drive more pipeline with less sales and marketing resources by improving relevancy and effectiveness
  • Expand into new markets with deep lead and account-level insights



"If we want to predict higher up in the funnel to look at how many opportunities we are able to generate without going all the way down to closed-won, we have the ability to do that in a very flexible, easy way and build those models out ourselves."

- Brandon Jensen

Director of Marketing Operations