Ovum Market Radar: Account-Based Marketing
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See why Mintigo was named a leader in ABM.

The adoption rate of account-based marketing (ABM) has soared over recent years as B2B businesses realize its potential for driving growth. Likewise, a slew of technology offerings have been developed to support this strategy, many of which rely on advanced technologies such as AI, machine learning, natural language processing, and advertising to enable companies to scale with ABM.

The influx of new marketing tools also creates a lot of noise – especially with the existence of numerous point solutions that focus on individual parts of the ABM process. However, companies finding the most success with this strategy are those that focus on the entire ABM lifecycle  – and that adopt tech solutions that address the entire lifecycle as well.

In this Market Radar report, Ovum research outlines the current technology landscape for ABM and identifies those vendors best addressing the market and why. Mintigo, in particular, received top marks for having “one of the most advanced AI-assisted ABM platforms with a massive global enterprise data set,” as well as an “approach to ABM [that] is tuned to the strategic objectives of each of its customers.”

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