A Partner Network Based on Mutual Trust and Openness

At Mintigo, we pride ourselves on our deep partnerships with leading companies providing sales and marketing solutions and best practices. With our strong strategic and technology partnerships, we are truly able to deliver increased value and synergy to our joint customers.

Technology Partners


Both sales and marketing professionals using leading CRM platforms can glean insights from within these systems to inform their sales and marketing strategy. From creating high-level campaign reports to  conducting outreach for specific contacts, Mintigo integrates with the leading CRMs to provide a seamless experience to sales and marketing professionals.


Users of Marketo and Oracle Marketing Cloud’s Eloqua platform can vastly benefit from the ability to leverage predictive scores, ranks and key account and lead insights in real-time. These data points are instrumental in audience segmentation, campaign strategy, messaging as well as program measurement. Conversely, marketers are able to sync their lead and account data securely to Mintigo instead of relying on manual uploads.


The native integrations we have with various providers of ABM solutions enable marketers to execute ABM seamlessly within their platforms. With these integrations, marketers can be confident they are selecting the right accounts through Mintigo’s proprietary predictive scoring models, and targeting them precisely via display and other channels through ABM providers.


Mintigo also partners with advisory and consulting organizations that are well versed in modern marketing and technology best practices. Our strategic partners can work alongside Mintigo and our joint customers to craft a data-driven approach to solve the biggest challenges in marketing and sales to drive greater pipeline and revenue.

Want to be a Mintigo partner? Please contact info@mintigo.com.