Your ideal target audience is right there. You just have
to find them

Predictive Audience Generation continuously provides real-time information on your ideal leads and accounts, scoring them based on propensity to close, larger deal size, or your other objectives. This helps you understand your target audiences, create high-value net new account and lead lists for your marketing efforts, and see other green field accounts identified for you.



MintigoAI predicts the performance of your existing accounts based on first and third-party data. With thousands of marketing insights enriching each account, you will have actionable insights to segment and target your audiences at your fingertips. Beyond scoring your existing audiences, MintigoAI also generates high-value net new account lists that you can target.  While marketing automation platforms can provide insights about activities for known leads, there is 10x more traffic from anonymous visitors on company websites. MintigoAI is able to generate new audiences based on these anonymous traffic in addition to known leads.


  • Expand your prospect database with net new accounts and leads matching your ICP
  • Improve your database with rich insights in real-time
  • Target new audiences comprising both existing and net new leads with precision