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Introducing Mintigo’s Predictive Campaigns™

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The Future of Marketing Automation Is Powered By Mintigo’s Predictive Campaigns TM

Today’s marketing automation systems are largely used for “batch and blast” email campaigns, ignoring the reality of the omni-channel consumer (mobile, chat, social, video, rich content, display ads, etc). Messages and content tend to be static and lack customized value to the individual decision-maker.

While marketers are taking advantage of more and more marketing technologies available on the market, the issues of manually wading through a great deal of data, figuring out how to piece these disparate technologies together, and engaging the target customers with relevant messages at the right time still remain a challenge.

This is why we built Predictive CampaignsTM.

Introducing Mintigo’s Predictive CampaignsTM
Omni-Channel Orchestration Of The Customer Journey Made Easy

Mintigo Predictive Campaigns(TM)

Unprecedented Customer Engagement.

Mintigo’s new Predictive CampaignsTM uses predictive models that learns in real-time for analyzing prospects’ responses to marketing and sales activities in order to forecast the optimal set of campaign actions.  The result is engagement with your best prospects as you’ve never experienced before, which increases conversion rates and ultimately sales.

Driven By Big Data & Predictive Intelligence.

By utilizing data and machine learning, your marketing is dynamically aligned to the customers journey with omni-channel orchestration. Simply put, this process engages your prospects with the right message, at the right time, through the right channel – while also arming your marketing and sales teams with the deep insights based off of Mintigo’s data that’s needed to break into untapped markets.

Fully Automated.

With Mintigo’s new Predictive CampaignsTM, today’s pre-determined customer journeys are automatically transformed into predictive customer journeys.  Gone are the days of manually creating static and generic email nurture campaigns — you can now orchestrate fully automated omni-channel nurturing campaigns driven by predictive intelligence.

Mintigo Predictive CampaignsTM – Right Message, Right Channel, Right Time

Mintigo's Predictive Campaigns - How It Works

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