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Jacob Shama, PhD
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How Predictive Marketing Works



Hello, and welcome to Predictive Marketing University–How Predictive Marketing Works. Predictive Marketing is not another application or one more solution. It is a new way of doing marketing.

Predictive Marketing leverages data science in every step of marketing workflow. It predicts optimal marketing decisions at every step of your funnel and it finds the best prospects across your pipeline. In this module, we will dive into the data sources and algorithms that drive Predictive Marketing.

Join me for an exciting journey to learn how predictive marketing can help you become a better marketer.
In this course we will cover the following topics: First, we will learn about the data that feeds predictive marketing. Data is the foundation of predictive marketing, and algorithms use this data in order to make predictions.

To make the best of this course, start by listening to the online presentation. After each section, pause the video for a few minutes and think about how you can apply the concepts that you’ve learned to your organization. Then develop a step-by-step plan for applying Predictive Marketing to help your marketing efforts.

In addition, we recommend that you read the suggested materials that we outlined at the end of this course.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly at PMU@mintigo.com.

Data, Predictive Analytics & Marketing Clouds

To learn more about “Data, Predictive Analytics and Marketing Clouds: The Platform For The Modern Marketer”, view the slides and webinar recording presented by John Bara (Mintigo), Jay Famico (SiriusDecisions) and John Stetic (Oracle Marketing Cloud).
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