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Enterprise Predictive Marketing Platform

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Mintigo’s Predictive Marketing Platform gives you a 360-degree profile of each contact and account in your database that predicts their likelihood to convert. Use these insights to focus your marketing strategy, build your personas, identify target accounts for account-based marketing, or even create content offers that will be highly relevant to your audience. With Mintigo, you’ll be able to understand and engage your audience like never before.

Discover Your Ideal Customer Profile

Mintigo continuously searches the world wide web for millions of B2B organizations and contacts to discover thousands of attributes, such as technologies in use, social influences, department sizes, firmographic data, and intent-based data. Using predictive analytics and machine learning with your customer and Mintigo data, Mintigo discovers your CustomerDNATM – a string of attributes that make up your ideal customer profile and likelihood to purchase.

All of this helps you identify both the target account and prospect fit as well as behavioral and buyer intent.

Features & Capabilities

  • Create Unlimited Predictive Models
  • Identify Your CustomerDNATM & AccountDNATM
  • Get Insights That Contribute To Growth & Conversion

Target Your Most Likely Buyers

Mintigo’s Predictive Marketing Platform evaluates every prospect and account as it enters your marketing funnel and assigns a predictive score according to your CustomerDNA and AccountDNA. This enables marketers to quickly identify prospects that are most likely to purchase their product. Using predictive scoring along with attributes that make up the score, marketers are then able to target the right prospects and accounts with the right message using the buyer intent data that we enrich for every lead and company.

And because we give you the capability to create as many models to suit your business needs, you can have predictive scores for every product line to identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities for all of your prospects.

Features & Capabilities

Engage Through Your Customer Marketing Tools

Mintigo’s Predictive Marketing Platform makes it easy to create micro-campaigns aimed at specific personas. Mintigo enriches leads with critical data that your database lacks so that you can engage your prospects more intelligently through your marketing and sales systems including Eloqua, Marketo, Adobe Campaign, and LinkedIn as well as proprietary databases through our bulk API.

Our platform allows you to refresh your predictive models on the fly, which lets your business adapts over time. Mintigo makes it easy for you to decide which leads and accounts are ready to be engaged by sales and which ones need further nurturing with the right messages based on our intent data directly into your marketing and sales automation systems.

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Features & Capabilities