MintigoAI Platform

MintigoAI is an intelligent customer engagement platform that uses AI to translate the foundational data into insights. Insights help you answer four fundamental questions: who will buy from you and why; what will they buy from your product portfolio; when is the best time to engage; what compelling story should you tell them. Answers to these questions help you address many of your use cases across buyer lifecycle: from the top of the funnel (too few leads or accounts, demand generation), to the middle of the funnel (demand or lead management and prioritization) to the bottom of the funnel (pipeline conversion, sales enablement, cross sell to upsell).


MintigoAI is the only AI platform that provides you with everything you, as a marketer or a sales leader, must have. You don’t need to buy and integrate data and intelligence from different vendors. Everything you need is easily accessible and actionable with MintigoAI. MintigoAI is the only full-stack, full-customer lifecycle AI solution. It facilitates all key marketing and sales use cases. Whether your objective is to run a successful account-based marketing (ABM) program, or develop an upsell or cross sell strategy, MintigoAI has you covered.

Demand Center

Demand Center is a Predictive Audience product that helps you generate exactly the right audience for every one of your campaigns, on any channel, search, display, email, content syndication, ABM initiatives and more.


Success of your marketing and sales programs critically hinges on your ability to target the right audiences for each product and goal. Whether it’s for acquiring new inquiries for top of the funnel, or you’re launching a new ABM initiative, or you’re supporting sales for outbound campaigns, it all comes down to selecting the precise accounts and leads. Mintigo’s Demand Center is AI enabled segmentation application that makes it easier for you to use predictive models, ICP, buying intent and much more to find the right accounts and leads whether you have them in your Marketing and Sales system or not. Enterprise level feature such as custom filters, intent location, account suppression, etc. are included. With Demand Center, you’re able to build the right segment within seconds and activate it digitally within your systems.

Sales Coach

Sales Coach is an AI Sales Enablement product that aligns sales and marketing efforts, helping Business Development (BDRs) and Sales Professionals (AEs) teams foster deeper engagement with accounts and leads.


Most of marketing efforts are generally wasted because sales does not believe in marketing generated needs. The key reason is lack of visibility; why are these the right leads and accounts? This is where Mintigo’s Sales Coach comes in; it uses predictive analytics and AI to enable Intelligent Sales Engagement—truly a smarter way to target and sell. Provide your sellers with the most appropriate sales plays, battle cards, sales assets and positioning guidelines as defined dynamically by the characteristics of the account.  Identify best products for prospects with highest propensity to buy; and cross-sell/up-sell opportunities with current clients. It shows the ICP for every lead and account that answers why they are the right fit for your company. It also displays the buying intent and allows sales to get a real-time alert when intent changes over time.

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