Mintigo’s World Class Data Scientists & Technologists

Our team of data warriors and technology superheroes have been working for years on the Mintigo machine with one goal in mind – to understand the B2B buying landscape.


The Ultimate Marketing Machine Runs On Data … Lots Of It

Mintigo continuously tracks data points on millions of companies. How much you ask? Over 12 terabytes each month. That’s equivalent to the entire collection of the US Library of Congress.

Mintigo Tracks:

Companies 17,000,000 + Contacts 150,000,000 + Data Points 2,500 +


Research Lab

Some call it “big data”. Others refer to it as the “Internet of Things”.
All that we know is that our finely tuned machine monitors millions of data points on companies and business contacts from all over the world.
This is where big data meets extreme data science.

The Mintigo Research Lab is dedicated to gaining a deep understanding about the ever-evolving business-to-business ecosystem. Our team of data scientists, technologists, and analysts does this by taking a scientific approach to analyzing huge sets of data tracked in the Mintigo platform — data such as a company’s use of technologies, demographics, or hiring, as well as interest-based data points that demonstrate buyer intent. These reports are based on insights uncovered by our sophisticated predictive algorithms that use machine learning and advanced statistical modeling built directly into our product. We’ve published these findings as reports below for you to view and download.

Please contact us if you would like to learn about these reports, our upcoming research, and our citation guidelines.