Sell effectively at scale by using the power of AI

Sales Coach 360 provides you everything you need, in a single-pane, to discover and engage prospects intelligently. Whether you are a territory rep, a named account rep, or an inbound BDR/SDR, you will easily find the right accounts and corresponding contacts, along with all current contact details and sales plays related to their product of interest. Spend your precious time selling with Sales Coach 360 rather than hunting for accounts, emails, phone numbers, and prospect notes elsewhere.



Sales Coach 360 allows you to instantaneously prioritize your account lists across your products; it enables you to focus your time on accounts that are most likely to buy, and that are actively searching for your products and solutions. It also enables discovery of net-new accounts using Mintigo’s extensive worldwide database.

In summary, Sales Coach 360 helps sales teams answer the most essential questions of the sales cycle:

  • Who is most likely to buy our product?
  • What is this prospect most likely to buy?
  • Who should we try to engage with and when?
  • What kind of messaging should we use?


  • Sales Coach 360 gives you insight into what exactly a prospect is looking for and what pain points they’re trying to address. Imagine pulling this information up on the fly during a phone call and having sales plays on screen for you to reference while you talk. Your prospects will think you’re reading their mind.

  • Start targeting ideal customers with laser-like accuracy. With Sales Coach 360 you can search your own list of accounts or Mintigo’s extensive global database of over 26M companies for net new opportunities that match your ideal customer profile (ICP). With a myriad of filters like predictive rank, fit & intent indicators, as well as firmogrphic data you have pinpoint control over the accounts you want to target.


"With Mintigo, we have finally been able to identify our ideal customers with precise and concrete marketing insights."

- Andrew Johnson

Data Scientist, Marketing Operations